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Insights from the Command Chair: Captain Shelther Faranster

StarBase 118 Staff

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Avatar System – I’m Kyra Ilan, coming to you from Deep Space 285.  Federation News Service has secured an interview with one of Starfleet’s Commanding Officers. Reaching that goal is the pinnacle of any officer’s career. The path to Command is competitive, yet its very solitary at the top. Ultimate responsibility rests with the brave men and women who choose to follow this path, succeed at training and are entrusted with a command position.

Today we’re speaking with Captain Shelther Faranster Commanding Officer of the USS Doyle-A.  It’s a pleasure to spend some time with one of Starfleet’s Commanding Officer’s to gain more insight into the world of command.  For a short time he commanded the USS Constitution-B, his first command prior to his current assignment. Taking command of a new ship is a highlight of every Captain’s career.

Ilan: First I’d like to say congratulations on your promotion and your new command. This is a unique opportunity to speak with a Commanding Officer so we have a few questions for you. Why change ships to the USS Doyle-A?

Faranster: After the last few months, and the trouble we’ve had on the good old USS Constitution, I am suspecting that Starfleet wanted something more modern, and not as apt to have as many shield or computer problems.

Faranster (OOC) – As I worked up the ranks, I was asked what ship I would want if I made Captain, different captains had the choice ships, and others climbing the ranks had their preferences. So, I actually thought what I would want to name my ship, before I thought of the class. I wanted to know how it would sound: Captain Faranster of the USS Doyle. I chose the name because I am a big Sherlock Holmes fan, and USS Holmes, USS Sherlock, USS Watson, just didn’t sound the same.

Ilan: Tell me a bit about why you chose a Luna-class ship?

Faranster: Well, the Luna class was chosen because it has greater maneuverability. But with the missions that we’ve been on, and the length of time it’s taken to get from point A to point B, would say it’s increased speed was also a determining factor. But with our assignment primarily being the Avalon sector, and a support ship to SB285, I think it’s about time that we have a more modern ship. The Constitution was great, I loved serving as her Captain, but her equipment is more classic than state of the art.

Faranster (OOC): The class is a bit more complicated, I wanted something that wouldn’t be too small, frankly I am a bit claustrophobic when not given enough choices, both in decks, and personnel. But I also wanted something with a good shot at not being destroyed on it’s first space battle, as well as options for science and investigation missions. To figure out the class that fulfilled this, I had to reach out to the engineers, the people who knew the classes better than me. And while a couple were suggested to me, this one stuck out.

Ilan: What kind of plots is the Doyle diving into?

Faranster (OOC): Well, since we are a science based ship, we are wanting to get into more science and investigation type missions. There will be the occasional high power mission, but well be diving into more mysterious type missions. Solving the puzzle to figure out the bad guy, or trying to determine what caused something to happen. I have thought about having the Doyle explore a body switching mission, or a murder mystery.

Ilan: Would you mind going into a little more depth as to what plots you have upcoming?

Faranster (OOC): We have a couple mission ideas brewing, but we try to look at the crew compliment and pick something based on the combination of officers. This upcoming mission we have in the works is going to be a mix of preventing man-made natural catastrophes and saving a species from slavers. I am hoping for a fair mix of science and action for my crew.

Ilan: Tell us a bit about your journey to Captain in Starbase 118?

Faranster: If I were to describe it as interesting, it would be an understatement. I started in the fleet two and a half years ago, and two years and 2 months ago I was asked for the first time if I saw myself going for command. Since then, I have either jumped, or dove off the plank into the deep-end, keeping myself moving forward for the sake of my ship and crew. It’s been an exhausting journey sometimes, sometimes stressful, but it was worth it to be able to work with the writers I have on my ship. While sometimes I wanted things to go more smoothly, I wouldn’t trade my crew, who I think of as friends and family, for the smoother ride.

Ilan: Did you always see your character as the command type?

Faranster: Actually, when I joined, I was writing for Sundassa Faranster, and I didn’t see her getting past Lieutenant Commander, I knew I could make all the goals for Lieutenant Commander (in fact, I think I did it within 1-2 months), but I didn’t see myself as a leader. If I am honest, it was Jalana Laxyn and Andrus Jaxx who led me to where I am, and helped me with the decision to push for striving towards the Command track.

Ilan: Do you have any advice for those who might want to be a CO themselves one day?

Faranster: If you don’t try, how do you know you can or can’t do something? Push yourself. Jump into the deep end, over and over, until you can do it. And, if you feel yourself slipping under, there’s always a helping hand!

Ilan: How would you describe the over arching theme for the Doyle? (ie Science, Exploration,  a mix etc)

Faranster: A mix of Science and Investigation, I would say.

Ilan: Captain Faranster its been great speaking with you today. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to meet with us. Fair winds and following seas to you and your crew, the Doyle is a beautiful ship.


Shortly after we completed our interview with Captain Faranster, USS Doyle departed Deep Space 285. Details have not been released. The ship’s destination is undisclosed and its mission classified.  Being here on this starbase is a stark reminder that those individuals who choose a life in Starfleet pledge to do far more than simply explore.  God speed Captain Faranster and the crew of the USS Doyle-A.

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