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Guinan: The Series


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Paramount needs to up its game so bad. Star Trek already has such a strong fan base and this would likely go up if they produced quality shows that captured the imaginations of people unfamiliar with it.

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I would LOVE to see more spin-offs and more series and movies of Star Trek. And I think I'll have to follow the Guinan web series, i LOVED her character. It might not be canon, but I honestly don't care. If Paramount doesn't give her more background I take what we get.

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Leave Paramount out of it. They mess up every time _Let the fans in concert with Star Trek actors that are interested create movies and series. Is and some of the hard core Trek Actors really know their characters and the series'.

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I really don't understand why Paramount hasn't done this yet. DisneyMarvel is eating their lunch when it comes to franchises, but they have an amazing franchise that has a dozen different stories waiting to be told:

* Guinan, the series! This would be amazing!

* Star Trek: Academy

* Star Trek: Intelligence

* Star Trek: Engineering (a la Scorpion)

* Star Trek in a Firefly type show -- frontier of Federation with a Kasidy Yates-type character

These are just the shows. Why not more movies? Marvel is turning the origin story into an artform all its own, launching movie series with crossovers.

Come on Paramount!

The real issue unfortunately is that it's all about corporate/legal messes. After Viacom split, Paramount now only has rights to the movies where as CBS has rights to the TV shows. That's why you always see CBS now involved with any of the remastering of TOS/TNG and all of the associated "prime/old Trek" merchandising. Then, JJ Abrams tried to stop any TOS merchandising in preparation for his/Bad Robot's plans for nuTrek merchandising/brand awareness, and they kindly told him to shove it since why would they agree to no longer earn anything from their rights to TOS?

Of course, the question one could wonder is with the success of NetFlix original shows, why not create a Star Trek NetFlix show like Daredevil? Apparently Trek on NetFlix is one of their most popular programs, so they'd love it. And CBS supposedly has the full rights to do so. But, alas, it seems Paramount and CBS are still trying to sort out what they can do without stepping on the toes of the other, especially if they want to have a "unified" franchise on both TV and the big screen like Marvel with its movies and TV shows like Agent Carter.

Although, you're right that if Paramount wanted, they could also just go ahead with an expanded universe approach with more movies ala Marvel, but I honestly think they lack the imagination and creative talent to even conceive it let alone execute it. Their most recent comments were that they were concerned about making the upcoming movie too "Star Trek-y" and they want to figure out how to make a Trek movie that can earn a billion dollars like Avengers...

::shaking head::

The whole licensing mess reminds me of how they used to give out the Trek license for video games back in the 90s by series instead of just the whole Trek franchise as a whole. So you had Microprose only have the rights to TNG and not TOS, so their game Birth of the Federation didn't have any Constitution class ships or Intrepid (though it did have DS9 and the Defiant thanks to their appearances on TNG episodes and First Contact). Likewise, how they treat Trek music as a separate license so games like Elite Force couldn't actually use the Voyager theme.

And then when one company actually had the complete license for all the series at the time (Activision), they completely missed the opportunity to create an epic game that took advantage of it like a Birth of the Federation sequel or a Mass Effect-like RPG. Instead, we got Star Trek Legacy, which sure, ships are cool (and they even got all five captains to do voice over), but there's more to Trek than just starship combat.

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