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War criminal General Krax resurfaces near Klingon-Federation space

David Cody

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War criminal General Krax resurfaces near Klingon-Federation space

By Alexis Crothers
Stardate 239207.13

GARRIDON SYSTEM – Defunct Klingon General Krax has appeared just inside Federation space while the USS Gemini was completing a rescue mission

The USS Gemini on a rescue mission on the border solar system of Garridon V just before Klingon space was contacted by an unidentified Vor'Cha Class Battlecruiser baring a different ID signature, warning them Klingon Warbirds were inside the system. Before they could confirm the identity of the contact, the Vor'Cha Battlecruiser, pinged as the DemonRide, warped into the Garridon System and fired four torpedoes before warping out of the system (tracked back into Klingon space). An unknown torpedo type that effectively shut down three Klingon warbirds within the system, and one just outside the system inside Klingon space.

The USS Gemini was able to determine the identity of General Krax based on a communication released at the same time of the torpedo attack, that contained monetary account information seized from the Empire with instructions to give the funds to the Thracian Government as "war reparations".

General Krax, last seen in the Trinity Sector, is wanted for Acts of Terrorism against Starfleet, the attempted assassination of Fleet Captain Kalianna Nicholotti, and is sought by the Klingon Empire for Treason. Largely responsible for attacks on Thracian ships and its citizens, and nearly destroying the USS Victory, including inflicting some damage on the USS Apollo-A and a couple other starfleet ships through the use of electromagnetic energy and subspace bubbles, the Klingon General narrowly escaped the system, and had effectively killed Fleet Captain Nicholotti for several minutes before the Victory medical staff succeeded in reviving the Fleet Captain.

Reports on the defunct General since the Klingon Invasion of 2390 have been sketchy. A spokesman for the Klingon Government refused to comment on what was described as an 'internal matter', but unconfirmed eyewitness accounts spoke of a major battle between Empire forces and Krax' remaining fleet in the Quor'Tal System inside Klingon space, prompting speculation the General may have launched a civil war.

Prompt investigation by Starfleet in the Garridon System found no traces of the downed Klingon Warbirds, described as "floating lifeless in space" after General Krax's torpedoes struck them. Has the General perfected some kind of power killing torpedo? Why did the defunct General release funds to the Thracians years later as 'reparations' after terrorizing their system? Are the rumors true that the Klingon Government might be at war with one of their own?

More to come as the FNS investigates.

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