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Ensign Aurora - A Touch of the Past

Sabrina Holly

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(( USS Tell ))

::The security officer spoke once more, but not before striking yet
another subtle blow.::

Aurora: It feels much too soon before I am reporting to yet another
superior. ::She raised her eyebrow.:: Hopefully people you work with
are easygoing Commander?

::The words had a tone of sarcasm, but they were masked beneath layers
of adhering to archaic protocol. What was said is not necessarily
what is meant.::

Atimen: Likewise. ::He stood up as the ship began to dock.:: Tel-ar is
a good officer.

::A good officer was indeed possibly, but she didn't care one way or
another. She could have been reporting to a block of cheese and she
would have been fine. All the Deltan needed was to be left alone...
to her own devices.::

Aurora: ::Stiffly.:: One rarely becomes a Lieutenant Commander without
being able to follow protocol. ::She rubbed the back of her neck.::
But I digress. New problems await, and its my job to do what I'm

::The key was in the words. The best tasks that had to be performed
subliminally were usually in plain sight. Be a good officer, not a
great one and one was certain to be able to move undetected. As the
door opened, Atimen stopped. Turning his head towards Aurora who met
his gaze.::

Atimen: Aurora.

::Looking down, the woman saw the hand that was proffered towards her.
Ideally, she would have preferred being without the sentiment, not to
mention the physical contact. But of course, protocol dictated she
accept it in good grace.::

Aurora: Commander Atimen.

::They shook hands a single time as Aurora's heart skipped a beat.
She hoped Atimen didn't notice. Unfortunately, memories were a hard
thing to repress, and feeling the familiar touch of Atimen was almost
enough to have her revert back... back to when...::

oO Lives are at stake. Oo

::The feelings dissipated quickly, as she withdrew the hand, folding
both of them behind her back. Despite her comments, she held no ill
will towards Atimen. He was just merely a pawn that she would have to
play with. Unfortunately, he was still too unwell to partake in the
dangerous games that were yet to come. Being assigned to different
departments would be a challenge, but had she followed him to
engineering, too many flags would have been raised.::

Atimen: I'm glad to have had you in my department; you're a good
officer. ::He gave a quick smile.:: See you around.

Aurora: ::Nodding her head slightly, the woman accepted the compliment
in grace.:: You are too kind Commander. Until next time then.

::Exiting the ship, the two parted ways. She would need to set up an
appointment with her superior, but before then she had other plans.::

oO I need to update her... Oo


Ensign Aurora
Security Officer
USS Doyle-A

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