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1st Lt. Cerissa Tyren - 'No Appetite For It Anymore'


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((Banquet Hall, Deck 21, Deep Space 285))

Faranster: Everyone take a seat, dinner will begin shortly, but before that, let's give you something to talk about while you eat.

::Cerissa had made of one of the tables at the margin of the room her base for this. She was feeling a little better for some rest a relaxation. Her run with Altair had been an enjoyable highlight, it helped make the job seem a little lighter. She turned her attention to the Captain as he spoke.::

Faranster: Now that everyone has had a chance to take a seat and quiet down, it's time for that special post mission ceremony. Thanks to you guys, we have one of the criminals terrorized this station safely behind bars.

::It should have been so many more, the whole mission – at least from the marines’ point of view – had been a failure. The only thing to take from it was that everyone was, broadly speaking, okay. She felt her heart beat a little faster at the thought of the mission and laid her hand on her leg to not leave a clammy hand print on the table.::

Faranster: So, for the first part of this ceremony. :: He looked towards the blonde woman. :: Petty Officer?

Christin: Of course Captain.

:: He watched as she picked up a stack of thin boxes from the table behind him. On the table were several stacks of thin boxes, and some smaller stacks as well as a couple small wood boxes the size of ring boxes. ::

:: As she moved around the room, putting one in front of most of the present officers, except for Ensign Ezi, and Lieutenant Holly. When she was finished, Shel started speaking again. ::

Faranster: Please don't open yet. :: He signaled to the Petty Officer, who grabbed another stack. :: The boxes in front of you, have a companion.

:: Cerissa watched as the second round of small boxes were circulated.::

Faranster: As you open up your boxes, remember before we joined the Doyle, and were joined by Commander Lizner, we were requested by Starfleet Science and Technologies to investigate the USS Thomas Edison's disappearance. ::Pause:: Because of our involvement in stopping the anomaly from disturbing the temporal flow, and because of our assignment to Task Force Silver, on behalf of Starfleet, I present you each with both the Prometheus Ribbon and the Defence of Temporal Flow Ribbon.

::The Edison. That seemed like a lifetime ago, and had been her first mission since graduating. She looked down at the two ribbons – happier times. Then again, it was easier to be happy when things were going well…and there had still been a huge loss of life in that operation too, the Edison itself being lost with all but three hands aboard.::

Faranster: Lieutenant Hakashri, during our last mission, you handled yourself with grace under fire. Despite numerous challenges and threats, you helped the Doyle face them head on. For that, I would like to award you with the Legion of Merit ribbon. Well done, Lieutenant

:: The award to Ariadust passed by but Cerissa’s focus was called back to the proceedings when the Captain spoke next.::

Faranster: Due to the secrecy of our last mission, some of our officers weren't as well prepared as they should have been and due to this, there were several injuries.


::Cerissa gulped as she fought another wave of nausea at the memory of the fight in a miserable street in Mith. She watched, thin lipped as the Captain called Tel-ar up, followed by Danara.::

Faranster: Commander Tel-ar returned the members of his away team to safety before taking a savage beating that nearly cost him his life. Due to this, he has earned himself .oO Another Oo. The Purple Heart Ribbon.

Tel-ar: Captain.

::As Tel-ar turned she could only see the flash of his knife as it slid into the wounded man’s throat. She gripped the underside of the table as hard as she could.::

Faranster: Lieutenant Danara was part of Commander Tel-ar's task force, and during their search for their target, they were ambushed and she was stabbed in the arm. For this injury, I am awarding Lieutenant Danara the Purple Heart Ribbon.

Danara: Thank you Captain.

::Cerissa managed to get her hand out from where she was hiding them and applauded with the others, her hands tingling and shaking slightly from the adrenaline.::

Faranster: That concludes the award section of this ceremony. Thank you. :: He paused as he moved back to his seat and stood there looking at Joella. :: Now for an important task.

::There were several more boxes distributed to various members of the crew who were called forward – well deserved promotions she was sure but she could say who had been awarded what. Her mind was firmly locked on the surface of Mith.

::As the last recipient stepped back from the Captain, the Doyle’s commander signalled to the wait staff who moved in with platters of food to set on the table.::

::Suddenly Cerissa didn’t feel hungry for anything except fresh air.::


First Lieutenant Cerissa Tyren, SFMC
Marine Officer
USS Doyle-A

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