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USS Columbia continues its search for Captain Livingston

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EN ROUTE TO AVRONIS – While Captain Livingston is confronted to the Tal Shiar, USS Columbia‘s crew meets with an ancient species.

After checking the specifications of Ambassador MacLaren’s shuttle, Lt. JG Whittaker was viciously attacked and lost consciousness. He was found by Ensigns Oori and Ezo, and promptly transported to Sickbay. There, a Marine, who appeared to have lost control of his mind, pointed a phaser at Ezo. Thankfully, the entrance of a hapless crewman with an injured hand provided a distraction and Tatash incapacitated the Marine.

Later, while in security, Tatash suffered a mental assault, leaving him with just enough lucidity to call Dr. MacLaren. Their CMO went to him right away. Upon discovering his trauma, both transported back to Sickbay.

“There is no sign of phaser wound, or any other for that matter. However, there is highly elevated neural activity similar to that of REM sleep in a human. This suggests that he’s either in a deep dream state or in some form of hallucinatory state,” said Dr. MacLaren, Columbia‘s chief medical officer, describing Lt. Tatash’s condition.

“He’s also in shock, so something happened, either mentally or in reality, that has traumatized him,” she added.

At the same time, while enjoying some rest time in the Galactic Halo, Lt. Cmdr. Vitor Silveira and Ensign Antero Flynn came across an invisible entity who tried to take control of Silveira. Meanwhile, Major Nelkar lost control of his underground base when the Iconian gate activated itself, releasing several brutal aliens in the Tal Shiar’s headquarters. The gate caused intense tremors that facilitated the escape of Captain Ben Linvingston and his small crew.

Aware that he was well and truly trapped, Nelkar sided with Livingston, and together they managed to escape from Avronis onboard the Kumari.

On Columbia, one of the ‘invisible’ saboteurs revealed itself as an Iconian. After a lengthy discussion with Lt. Cmdr. Brek, it gave the crew an ultimatum: they would spare the lives of the Romulans working on the recycling project on the condition that this encounter be classified, and that the Avronis gateway be once and for all destroyed. They left the ship right after their terms had been accepted.

Soon after, Captain Ben Livingston, the Kumari crew, along with Nelkar and some of his men, rendezvoused with the Columbia. Doctor Johanna MacLaren and Ensign Flynn, greeted them and discovered that their captain had a severe case of radiation poisoning.

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