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Tor'kath, "Play Lame"


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((Unknown Warship - Orbit Around Zakdorn))
Tor'kath: What do you mean, the torpedoes missed again?!
::This ship was outfitted with the best military technology that money could buy, and yet the small Federation starship was dodging their ordinance with relative ease.::
Zixo: ::exasperated:: That ship is flailing through space in a way that the targeting computers can't compensate for!
::Tor'kath begrudgingly agreed, but it didn't stop him from throwing a disparaging glare at the Tactical station. The moves of the Darwin seemed so random and unpredictable that he was secretly impressed. He had underestimated the odd vessel, and it was making a fool out of them.::
Tor'kath: Double the fire rate. I want those shields down, and I want our operatives off that ship. Tassa, match their movements to give Zixo a better fire angle.
Tassa: Are you cracked? I can't fly that!
::Tor'kath fought the urge to draw his disruptor and shoot her. Discipline was going to be an issue, he saw, and he intended to speak with his superiors about instituting a more rigid command structure on new vessels such as this, but for now he'd have to make do with boring holes with his eyes into the back of her head from his vantage point in the center of the bridge. The bridge shuddered slightly as two torpedoes from their prey detonated against their shields.::
Tor'kath:: They're hitting us. We're not hitting them. Change that, or else heads will roll.
Zixo: Aye.
Tassa: Whatever.
::The ship's commander watched as flurry after flurry of torpedoes flew at their target, continuing to miss, until finally fate smiled on them. Two direct hits on the flanking shields caused a flickering, then their phaser shots were striking the Federation ship's hull directly.::
Zixo: Yes!
::Tor'kath didn't need to look back to know that Zixo was pumping a fist; it was his signature victory move. A faint smile crept onto the commander's face.::
Tor'kath: Send the subspace signal to the operatives, to tell them to prepare for a signal lock. Lock onto the shuttle as well, just in case the operatives stowed the objective aboard it. Zixo, prepare to drop shields for transport.
Zixo: Wait! Tor'kath, the planetary defense system is online!
::Tor'kath nearly screamed in frustration. The presence of the famed Zakdorn defense network was well-known, but it had never been demonstrated. He had bet on the fact that it would take a fair bit of time to be brought online, aided by the unlikely threat that a single ship posed to the planet. Apparently his assumption had been wrong.::
Zixo: We can withstand damage from the Federation ship for long enough to complete transport, but the power signature of the defense batteries are off the scale. If they hit us without shields, we're done.
::Things were spiraling out of control. If the Federation discovered what they were doing, why they were here, then the endeavor would be fatally compromised. Every second that the Darwin had the operatives on board was ever more likely that the mission would fail. Now, not only did Tor'kath have to retrieve the operatives, but he had to ensure that their nemesis in orbit did not have knowledge that they shouldn't. He seriously considered destroying the Darwin outright. Mission failure would cost him dearly, but not as much as if the mission was compromised.::
Tor'kath: Give me options!
::There was a pause on the bridge, and Tor'kath thought that he would have to repeat his demand. Or, failing that, pull out his disruptor and shoot people until the rest realized the benefit of speaking up more quickly. If only it were that easy, he thought about the half-joking desire.::
Tassa: Play lame, draw the Starfleet ship away from orbit. If we gain enough distance from Zakdorn, it'll mitigate the threat from the planetary defenses.
Tor'kath: oO Nice! I knew there was a reason I didn't shoot you! Oo Go on...
Tassa: If we take some hits from the defense network, then modulate the shields as if they're weakened, and make a run for it, they might take the bait and follow. Maybe vent some plasma to make it realistic, blow out a cargo bay or two...
Tor'kath: ::looking questioningly to Zixo:: Thoughts?
Zixo: ::giving a non-committal shrug:: Worth a try. Why not?
Tor'kath: Okay then, give it a go. Keep taking pot shots at the Darwin, but nothing too damaging. We want to give the Zakdorns a reason to keep attacking us, but not disable the Darwin enough that they can't or won't want to follow. As soon as we've taken a few good hits from the planetary batteries, implement the plan to appear damaged and limp away from orbit. And cross your fingers that this works.
::If it didn't, then Tor'kath would have to revisit the earlier consideration. Take no chances and destroy the Darwin. Even if he didn't need to destroy their ship, he had nagging worries about what they might have found out...::


Tor'kath (aka Raikenoff) - Commanding Officer
Unknown Vessel
~as simmed by~

LtCmdr Maxwell Traenor - Chief Science Officer
USS Darwin NCC-99312-A
Graphic Contest Taskforce / Publicity Team
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