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USS Constitution aids freighter in distress

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TALOS SYSTEM – With a commercial freighter in distress near the Talos star system, the USS Constitution has been dispatched on a rescue mission.

Following the transfer of crew from the USS Apollo-A to the reactivated and upgraded USS Constitution (NCC-9012-B), the Galaxy class ship began its journey disembarking Deep Space 285. With the Starfleet Intelligence investigation of the crew concluded, the Constitution set out under the guidance of Commander Jalana Rajel.

Headed to Starbase 11 in the Talos Sector to establish a new home base under the power of her new quantum slipstream drive, the Constitution picked up returning family member Lieutenant JG Liani. En route, the ship received a general distress call from the SS Medina Ascending, a commercial dilthium freighter.

After speaking with Captain Ras Xanatos, the captain of the freighter, the crew learned that unknown aliens had attacked the ship and caused severe damage.

“We were attacked, by some… unknown aliens,” Captain Xanatos told Commander Rajel. “They boarded our ship, offloaded our supplies. Most of the damage we’ve suffered was from internal weapons fire, trying to ward them off.”

Lt. Cmdr. Kalos Fiorr, having a few suspicions on the origins of some of the damage, informed Commander Rajel. Rajel then sent an away team to investigate, ordering them to offer whatever help they could and save the lives of the injured. First Officer Nate Wilmer, recently promoted Lt. Cmdr. Shar’Wyn Foster, Lieutenants JG Rustyy Hael and Damian Wynter, and a small security detail proceeded to the Medina Ascending to begin their mission.

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