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Movies or TV?


Movies or TV?  

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  1. 1. Which do you like better?

    • The Star Trek Movies
    • The Star Trek Television Shows

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Welcome to the Poll of the Week!

I must apologize for my silence over the last two weeks. Real life kept me busy. All is more at ease now and so, I began re-watching the Star Trek movies which I have not seen for several years.As I did so, I began to notice quite a few things different between the Star Trek movies and their television show counterparts. Of course, for the Original series cast, the effects were so much better in the movies than they were on TV. But for the Next Generation films, however, especially with Picard in the film adaptations of the Next Generation, where his behavior oddly changed, there too, the graphics were better.

The above is just one example where there is a difference between the television adaptations of Star Trek and their movie counterparts. There are many others as well.

So that brings us to this week's Poll of the Week question. Which did you like better? The films or the television shows the Star Trek films were based on? So go ahead and vote, and as always,we'd love to hear your feedback!

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Television since there were many opportunities for story and character development, instead of only 2 hours. Starting with DS9, the CGI was comparable to movies too.

That being said, First Contact is probably my favorite Star Trek movie/TV EVER out of EVERYTHING!

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Uhm, it depends.

I'd put Wrath of Khan above pretty much everything else. It can duke it out in a cage match with In the Pale Moonlight

But I'd put almost any episode above, say, Into Darkness or Nemesis.

What's good Trek is really good no matter if it's big screen or small screen. And what's bad I watched once and then it moulders in the back of my DVD collection.

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I love the Star Trek Movies, even the Original Series, TNG, and 2009/2014 - don't get me wrong. But the Television series go so much further in depth that you can't ignore the fact that they are better. Over 720 episodes facing 13 or so movies? The 720 episodes have to win in my opinion.


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