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Storm in the Jenatris Cloud threatens Trinity Sector

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JENATRIS CORRIDOR — War was narrowly averted as the USS Albion safely emerged from the Jenatris Cloud alongside a Romulan vessel, and StarBase 118 saved the area from the ravages of a terrible ion storm.

The USS Albion traveled into the Jenatris Cloud to investigate an unusual web of satellites. When a terrible ion storm catalyzed out of a firefight with the Romulan vessel ChR Asphodel, it appeared all was lost, but instead, the Albion took refuge in the eye of the storm with hostile Romulan bedfellows.

Shortly afterwards Captain Handley-Page became aware that the ChR Asphodel was holding Ensign Ashley Yael hostage after a failed diplomatic envoy. Ensign Yael worked with a sympathetic Romulan to get information over to the Albion about his condition as well as the fractured nature of the Romulan crew. It was enough to mobilize Handley-Page into sending a surgical strike away team over to the damaged Asphodel to liberate Yael and prevent the Asphodel from destroying both vessels.

The Asphodel attempted a hostile takeover of the Albion with a computer virus that lowered the Albion‘s shields, but this was quickly found and countered by the Albion‘s science and tactical teams. While keeping the Asphodel at bay, the Albion established communications with StarBase 118 Ops, working with the team there to find a way to collapse the ion storm.

Onboard the Asphodel, the away team found the Romulan crew was controlled by an insane captain named Renzon. The Romulans were planning mutiny, and the away team was added to these plans so they could rescue their fellow officer. A small team stormed the bridge of the Asphodel, stunning the hostile elements. The ship’s second in command was willing to negotiate with Starfleet and took control of the vessel. Working together with the Romulans, the Albion figured out that an anomaly was creating the ion storm that had them trapped. They were able to collapse the anomaly and escape safely into the Jenatris Corridor. As the away team returned to the Albion, the new Romulan commander departed peacefully.

Upon return to StarBase 118 Ops, Captain Handley-Page found the starbase had weathered a good deal of excitement as well. Security with the assistance of retired Captain Grier Reinard prevented riots from breaking out in the promenade, and the Black Tower uncovered and apprehended an agent within their ranks, catching him before he could destroy critical evidence as to who placed the anomaly-causing satellites and why.

“It’s a good thing Director Reinard was here,” restaurant owner Bella Stahl commented. “He’s just got that sort of voice that oozes calm. Like you’re being covered in milk chocolate. I couldn’t imagine anyone rioting listening to that voice.”

In the aftermath, the Black Tower has two satellites to dissect and leads on a second agent within Starfleet’s ranks. Meanwhile, the crew of the Albion looks forward to a restive and relaxing shore leave while they recuperate from their recent adventures.

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