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Fleetwide Plot Arc update, June

StarBase 118 Staff

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The Fleetwide Plot Arc (FWPA) for 2015 is in full swing and now that we’re halfway through the year, let’s take a look at how things are shaping up! This year’s FWPA is called “The Prometheus Incident.” It is a three stage mission where ships across the entire fleet participate in a connected storyline.  Each ship runs a separate mission with interconnected elements that join crews across the fleet in a shared storyline.

Captain Nugra of the USS Victory has been the coordinator of this year’s Fleetwide Plot Arc. He reported a successful conclusion to phase one, saying:

Since its launch in April, The FWPA has seen a lot of FNS news, conversations in the sims, and great exposure for creating missions. We even saw the FWPA used to launch two new ships in response lending more realism to the idea of Starfleet responding to the incident. On polling some of the members that appear in our chat room, I have found they have been very excited with what is going on and have plied me with questions about the future and what could possibly happen.

Starting with a catastrophe at the Prometheus Station in the Piktar system, Starfleet discovered massive subspace rifts that threatened the entire Federation. Unable to sit idly by, Starfleet mobilized a taskforce of the following ships: USS Atlantis, USS Columbia, USS Garuda, USS Gemini and the USS Gemini. They also approved the re-commissioning of the USS Darwin and the USS Excalibur-A to combat this threat.

Across the fleet ships found evidence of strange subspace anomalies and whispers of a shadow organization long since thought to be a myth: The Sicarians. This crisis has had a drastic effect on the political debates going on in the Federation upper echelons – not the least of which include the debates on the upcoming presidential election.  With the threat at the Prometheus Station neutralized and rifts closed across Federation space, for a time it appeared that all was safe until dangerous anomalous readings were picked up in the vicinity of StarBase 118 Ops.

Phase one came to a conclusion in May, and phase two launched with StarBase 118 Ops’s current mission “The Gathering Storm.”  Phase two will be coming to a close in mid summer and everyone will be gearing up for a grand finale in the fall!

All ships are encouraged to join in phase three, and you can start your mission plotting now. You can read individual mission summaries and all about the overarching plot on the wiki at the Prometheus Incident page.

You can also join the Prometheus Incident Google group to get mission reports and IC updates about what is going on in the plot.  Come join one of the biggest stories to hit StarBase 118 with this year long epic – your posts and your character can help decide the final outcome!

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