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USS Gemini investigates Prometheus Station

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PROMETHEUS STATION – After investigating an incident at Prometheus Station, the crew of the USS Gemini have normalized space surrounding the station.

After escaping the mysterious pocket of subspace that they were trapped in, the USS Gemini and her crew continued their mission to investigate an incident at Prometheus Station. Upon their arrival, at the station, the crew quickly realized that there was no activity in the vicinity. As the ship made its closer to the station, Commander Liam Frost ordered an away team, led by Lieutenant Commander Alex Blair, to investigate.

After discovering that there was an unusual subspace occurrence preventing the use of transporters, the away team boarded a shuttle and set about investigating the station. Without a complete set of schematics on the classified station, and no obvious signs of a docking port, Ensign Randal Shayne was forced to create a hard dock with the station.

Once aboard the station, the away team found a situation much like what had been observed outside. The station appeared abandoned, but in exceptional condition. Everything inside the station looked new and completely unused. The team began their investigation and quickly discovered what had most likely caused the Gemini’s previous subspace problems, as well as those in the surrounding space. There was an experiment being done on the station that essentially weaponized subspace.

The team continued their investigation, eventually finding one surviving member of the station’s crew a Lieutenant Allan Tracy. After getting as much information as they could from Tracy, a decision was made. They needed to recreate the events that allowed the Gemini to escape the strange subspace field, only this time they would have to recreate it around the station. Blair decided to send the away team back to the Gemini while he and Tracy would stay behind to initialize the inverse warp field before leaving at the last possible second.

“This is completely screwed up,” said science officer Lt. Cmdr. Alexander Richards. “The data we gathered indicated this was an attempt to weaponized subspace for delivery systems, and I will not rest until we’ve found out who authorized this.”

After a tumultuous few minutes, on both the station and the Gemini, the plan worked and space surrounding the station returned to normal. With their investigation complete, Frost handed the investigation over to another ship and the Gemini headed for Starbase 118.

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