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Lt. Kax - Fully Docked

Sabrina Holly

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((Sassi Kax's Quarters, USS Doyle))
((Time skip to docking at DS285))
:: Sassi's alarm went off as it always did, and Sassi threw the small retro alarm clock at the wall. Thankfully it was made of plastic and wasn't easily broken, clearly she had forgotten to turn it off the night before. Sassi's head hurt like hell from the killer hangover. Well to be fair, that's what happens when she and Bam Bam drink together. Same things happens with Seff, though the three of them used to drink together. Seff was supposed to be at the drinkfest, but no, she had herself locked up on DS285. ::
Kax: Computer how close are we to DS285?
Computer: We are docking now.
Kax: Good, Bam Bam, wake up!
:: Sassi got up off the bed and saw the pink Pelian slowly open her eyes. Bam Bam looked as bad as Sassi did, but that was no surprise. Sassi replicated dug around in a box to find her favorite tshirt and jeans and then went to restroom to change. ::
Bam: Bam Bam up already...
:: Once Sassi was all dressed she came back out to find Bam Bam on the couch eating a plate of nachos. Sassi looked at Bam Bam and smiled. They were flat out crazy and sorely hungover, but neither of them cared. ::
Kax: Enjoying the Nachos?
Bam: Bam Bam always enjoys nachos!
:: Sassi smiled at Bam Bam. It was highly typical of the pink Pelian to cure a hangover with a plate of overly cheesy tortilla chips. It may seem like a wacko hangover food, but it seemed to work for her, Sassi found herself thinking food might be a good idea, but she needed to get Seff first. ::
Kax: Alright, let yourself out, I have to go rescue Seff from my parents.
Bam: Bam Bam meet you both at the Wagon Wheel after?
:: There it was, the invitation to get food, sounded perfect to Sassi. Sassi couldn't help but smile, that Pelian could cheer up just about anyone if she tried. ::
Kax: Sounds good to me Bam Bam. See you then.
Bam: Bam Bam see you then!
:: With the ship now fully docked, Sassi left Bam Bam alone to finish her Nachos and made her way off the Doyle to DS285's brig. The one place she would be greeted by her parents and Seff. ::


Lt. Sassi Kax

Tactical Officer

USS Doyle A

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