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Podcasts: An interview with Toni Turner and “Banned from Menthar�

StarBase 118 Staff

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For our first podcast segment, we are proud to present you with an interview of Rear Admiral Toni Turner, the Commanding Officer of the Duronis II Embassy, hosted by Lieutenant Sassi Kax! Toni is also the Deputy Academy Commandant, and a participant on various other teams. She shares with us her 10 years of experience with UFOP: StarBase 118.

Highlights of the interview include a discussion of how she came to love Star Trek, her expectations for the next decade with us, how she ascended through the ranks while keeping in touch with her true self, and giving tips for those who want to follow the path of the Rear Admiral.

Having raised many players through the ranks, including other now admirals, like Admiral Jaxx, she’s an invaluable source of information and a source of inspiration for all of us who love simming and Star Trek, so don’t miss this great interview!

Our second podcast segment focuses on the continuing missions of the USS Garuda and its various adventurers. Aspiring filkers amongst the Garuda crew found

on YouTube written in 1977 by Leslie Fish as part of a cassette tape entitled Solar Sailors. The song itself was based on Star Trek: The Original Series and was recognized with a Pegasus Award in 2003 for Best Classic Filk Song. In 2013, Leslie sang it at Worldcon sitting in Captain Kirk’s chair on a model of the NCC-1701 bridge. To date, there are over 500 known verses of “Banned from Argo.”

Our version of this song, entitled “Banned from Menthar,” features the adventures of the USS Garuda in the Menthar Corridor!​ Lt. Commander Roshanara Rahman took it upon herself to provide piano and create the lyric video, thus turning it into a “sing-a-long.” Lyrics for our version were written by Lieutenants Chythar Skyfire, Alora DeVeau, and Raissa Moonsong, and Lt. Commander Saveron. The above lieutenants were joined by the vocal talents of Commander Marcus Dickens.

When Leslie herself was shown the BFM video, she said “Aw, I wish I could have sat in on that game!” and has been invited to the group. Whether she will be up for the challenge is a mystery.

Click here to listen now to “Banned from Menthar.”

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