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USS Bronwyn sent back in time

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DURONIS II – The crew of the USS Bronwyn, which includes the entire staff from the USS Thunder-A, went missing in the Duronis Sector and found themselves back in time.

With the heavily damaged USS Bronwyn in orbit, efforts were begun to repair the ship. Meanwhile, an advance team led by Marine Colonel Tyr Waltas beamed down to prehistoric Duronis. They were almost immediately attacked by what could only be described as a “flying hellcat”.

Escaping the beast, the team consisting of Colonel Waltas, Lieutenant Commander Hannibal Parker and Marine Captain Martinez fell into more trouble, becoming mired in quicksand while their tormentor, the aforementioned hellcat, waited patiently for them to die. Fortunately, the rest of the Away Team, consisting of Rear Admiral Toni Turner, Lieutenant T’Mihn, Lieutenant Commander T’Lea, Major Pavlova, Lieutenant Brell were in the Bronwyn‘s only shuttlecraft, and beamed them to safety.

Establishing a base camp, the away team was besieged by a torrential rain, which generated a lightning strike on T’Mihn. Relatively undamaged, the away team bedded down for the night.

The next morning, Colonel Waltas had taken off by himself to do some scouting before the rest of the team had awakened, and managed to get himself caught in a rockslide. In the camp, an earthquake and volcanic eruption opened a rift which swallowed the shuttle and rained down volcanic debris onto the away team.

Faced with this and the missing Waltas, the away team set out to find him amid the growing lava flows. During this episode, Lieutenant Commander T’Lea was also missing. The teams plit again, with Turner, Parker and Martinez searching for T’Lea, and T’Mihn, Brell, and Pavlova looking for Waltas.

T’Mihn’s team found the wayward Colonel first, and rendezvoused with the other team. A quake-triggered rockslide forced everyone into cover, with Commander Parker picking up the injured Waltas and rushing him to safety. With no place to hide, the rockslide swept Commander Parker down the hill, trapping him with molten lava rapidly approaching his position.

With no way to get to the Commander in time to save him, the team called on the Bronwyn to fire her phasers literally on his position. With her phaser lock inoperative, the Bronwyn fired, blasting a massive channel and diverting the lava.

With Admiral Turner and Major Pavlova now freeing their trapped shipmate, another danger presented itself: a massive tidal was now bearing down on them, and swept them out to sea, the rest of the away team watching in horror.

Meanwhile on board the Bronwyn, the crew struggled to repair the damage from the rift. They were powerless to stop the tidal wave which took their crewmembers, and they could only watch as events unfolded down below. Lieutenant Commanders Stephanie Parker and Kamela Allison managed to get the sensors back online, and the work of Lt JG. Toni Lupo and her engineers got main power and life support working.

Much to their dismay, it was discovered that the shuttle was not destroyed by falling into the crack made by the earthquake, and discussions were begun as to how to remove the shuttle from the surface without changing the course of history.

Meanwhile on the surface, the grim search had begun to find Admiral Turner, Commander Parker and Major Pavlova. All three had survived, however when the away teams were reunited, several crewmembers were exhibiting strange signs: they were reverting to prehistoric behavior which resulted in a fight between T’Mihn and Waltas, which was broken up by Hannibal Parker. Before the two could continue their hostilities, they were beamed to the Bronwyn.

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