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Trouble ensues during shakedown cruise of USS Doyle-A

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CAR’THEN III – The newly commissioned USS Doyle-A made its way to Car’then III on a shakedown cruise before finding itself in the midst of a hostile situation.

The newly launched USS Doyle (NCC-80221-A) made its way to Car’then III with a Starfleet observer on board while conducting sea trials only for the ship to be shot at upon exiting the QSD. The reasons for the firefight are still unknown.

An official Starfleet team comprised of Lieutenant Commanders Udas and Keiran, Lieutenants Sassi Kax and Alexander Bishop, was sent down to the capital city of Mith to attempt diplomatic negotiations. The negotiations were a façade as they also sent a team comprised of Commander Tel-ar, Lieutenant Commander Ben Hunnicutt, Lieutenant Aidoann Danara and 1st Lieutenant Cerissa Tyren were there to try to capture fugitive Maquis Reborn masterminds.

The negotiations quickly turned out to be hazardous resulting in at least one crew member spraining her wrist during the commotion. Whether the disruption of the negotiations was intentional or coincidental is still unknown but it has become clear that someone either really didn’t like either the Federation or the Lord Mayor, at this time it is hard to tell who the actual target was.

“Away missions can be brutal for sure, but you have to give them credit for being an effective workout,” said Lieutenant Sassi Kax, one of the Doyle’s tactical officers.

While the away team was on the planet the already dented Doyle was disabled further thanks to a mysterious hail that unleashed a nasty virus on several of the Doyle’s key systems. The Doyle’s engineers worked round the clock to ensure that all systems were back online and fully operational in time to extract the away team. The rescue of the away team was one to remember as they beamed on board the yacht they were on, exploded behind them leaving an impressive display of space dust.

It is imperative to reiterate the fact that there is a lot of mystery surrounding these sea trials, and it is still unknown whether the Doyle was an actual target or merely collateral damage. With most of the crew safely aboard the Doyle, minus Commander Tel-ar, the Doyle fought off the Mayor’s pursuers while continuing to search for the missing officer and the two fugitives.

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