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USS Atlantis returns to base, broken but not beaten

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DEEP SPACE 26 – After completing their harrowing mission on Piktar 1, the weary crew of the USS Atlantis has returned to base to lick their wounds, remember the fallen and commemorate the brave.

The USS Atlantis (NCC-74682) having rescued the trapped scientists on Piktar 1, returned to Deep Space 26 for a much deserved shore leave. En route, the crew held a memorial service for their fallen comrade, Chief Engineer Lieutenant Gwen Gardener.

On arrival at the space station, Captain Raj Blueheart attended a meeting with Admirals Kriege and Garcetti and learned that St’elin, one of the rescued scientists working in Outpost Bravo, was actually Starfleet Intelligence officer Commander Varaan, undercover to investigate the possible resurgence of the Paraan, a notorious terrorist infamous throughout the Par’tha Expanse. Blueheart also learned that Varaan was the former commanding officer of his very own Atlantis. Pushing awkwardness aside, Blueheart accepted the admirals’ offer and welcomed Varaan to join his crew.

Elsewhere, the bio-engineered Human female Elsa, created in an ultra-secret subterranean laboratory underneath Outpost Bravo on Piktar 1 and rescued by the Atlantis, had emerged from cryostasis in sickbay and requested to be released. The crew feared for her safety, concerned that should they allow her to leave the Atlantis unprotected, she may fall victim to nefarious parties bent on exploiting her unimaginable powers.

“The timeless words of the oppressor. ‘We’re keeping you locked up for your own safety.’ I’ve had a lot of time to read up on humanity’s history. That excuse has been used far too often to oppress those who are not like those in power,” said Elsa. “I believe that your words signify more that you don’t trust me.”

Still, the crew also feared that should they release her to Starfleet Intelligence or even the Science Division, Elsa would be experimented on again. But to hold her on board was to imprison her indefinitely. That is the dilemma faced by the senior staff as they contemplate the best course of action to take. Whatever their decision, Elsa’s fate depends on it.

Meanwhile, the crew enjoyed a promotions ceremony held in the beautiful and enchanting gardens of the station’s quadrant-famous Arboretum.

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