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Victory crew faces onslaught of pirate ships in orbit of Temlaiyhari

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TEMLAIYHARI, HUKOGA SECTOR – A search and rescue mission has turned into a desperate battle for the crew of the USS Victory.

When it comes to missions, the crew of the USS Victory, currently aboard the USS Achilles, has gone from a search operation to a search and rescue and is now caught in the middle of a battle with renegade pirate vessels. The independent moon of Temlai had grown tired with the presence of the Romulans and the Federation, so they sent out a distress call to allies.

This was not the only problem facing the crew. Since Ensign Janel Tarna and Ensign Lael Elizabeth Rosek had been captured by a Sicarius cell, they were able to get a transmission out to the Achilles to pinpoint their location. That away team was in the process of recovering them when the enemy fleet arrived in the system.

The Federation vessel fell under attack from an onslaught of pirate vessels, but thanks to the resourcefulness of the crew, they were able to keep them at bay while Lieutenant Tarsii Asmara and his team were able to recover the two prisoners and escape back to the Achilles.

Once out of the system, the crew were able to check on the damages inflicted and begin to calm down from their ordeal. Having been stuck on an unfamiliar ship and in enemy territory without any shore-leave before had been very rough on them.

“This mission was ridiculous,” Petty Officer 3rd Class Gorvin said while looking over the ship’s engines. “We went from rescue, to battle, and we almost did not make it out.”

Now with their course set for Earth and the newly upgraded Victory, the crew is in high hopes of a well-deserved shore leave and to be able to rest and relax from their time in Romulan territory. How long will their shore-leave last? Only time will tell.

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