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USS Darwin-A discovers terrible truth of Asavii history

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ASAVII – USS Darwin-A is once again caught between religious factions while inadvertently discovering the ancient reason for the planet’s global water rise.

After having uncovered some previously unexplored and sealed off sections of the sea floor, Starfleet was called in to offer a helpful hand. Tasked also with furthering the relationship with the Asavii, the crew of the USS Darwin (NCC-99312-A) set about collaborating and joining 3 expeditions into the unknown depths.

With each group branching out into different directions and each with different and difficult goals, it wasn’t long before their exploration was interrupted by an unexpected message. “All hail Balzog”. The message was an activation of sorts for the group of followers loyal to the Asavii Earth god Balzog, to bring themselves into the light. With all ships working with local Asavii on board, the risk that the situation on each vessel could become untenable was a real threat.

With Commander Renos foreseeing the inevitable clash, the J’naii sought to facilitate a meeting with the Patriarch Phlendorp and a Balzog representative aboard the Darwin; on neutral territory.

Back down below the surface, LtCmdr. Thomas and Lt. Traenor’s teams, feeling confident they could continue, stumbled upon similar structures resembling rooms with pockets of air. LtCmdr. Thomas and his team successfully entered the pocket, to be entirely surprised by its contents. Upon further investigation, the crew discovered that the Asavii were in fact responsible for their own demise and had caused the flooding of their world themselves.

Meanwhile, Lt Traenor and his team uncovered a similar structure to Thomas’s team and decided to send in a probe to investigate its contents. While outside, they uncovered what seemed to be a power conduit, before being struck by what appeared to be a EMP wave; leaving them dead in the water. The team brainstormed how best to extricate them from the precarious situation.

In another section of the underwater planet, Commander Renos’ former team, now led by Commander Rennyn, managed to stumble upon some ancient consoles. Those turned out to be damaged and no longer powered on, and the crew managed to find several disks which likely contained data relevant to Asavii historians. Concerned about the data being lost, should the caverns become compromised, the team decided to take the disks and to hand them over to the Asavii.

Back on the Darwin, the Patriarch was challenged by Hurlich, an Asavii Minister who considered himself the true leader of Zolrak. Throwing around a few threats was enough for Commander Renos to interject and for the Patriarch to realize he couldn’t avoid the inevitable. Volunteering to surrendering himself for judgement, the Patriarch, not yet armed with the knowledge of planets flooding, hoped to one day, share in a bright future for Asavii.

“I think we are at the end of what we can accomplish together during this visit, Captain. I cannot thank you enough for your understanding and compassion with all that we have put you through,” said Phlendorp Asavii Patriarch. “I may not know how the near future of Asav will play out, but I will do everything I can to ensure that we strive forward as a people, and protect our burgeoning relationship with the Federation. We are a tough, resilient race, and though it means that at times we are resistant to change, we know that we can and will adapt.”

With all that they could achieve said and done, the USS Darwin recalled teams and left orbit at high speed, for what many hoped would be some rest and relaxation at Deep Space 6.

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