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USS Albion missing in the Jenatris Cloud

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JENATRIS CLOUD — StarBase 118 has lost communication with the USS Albion after the ship investigated a Romulan incursion in the Jenatris Cloud.

Following awards, promotions and much preparatory work, the USS Albion launched from StarBase 118 to make its way into the dangerous Jenatris Corridor to investigate Romulan satellites capable of catalyzing and controlling ion storms. The Albion set up chains of probes and communications beacons, which funneled sensor readings back to StarBase 118 for research. They quickly uncovered a web of satellites connected with tetryon wave signals. Finding the web more powerful—and more dangerous—than originally expected, the Albion very carefully extracted one satellite and was ready to retreat when a Romulan vessel decloaked and attacked them.

The non-military striker ChR Asphodel took advantage of the Albion, hitting the starship while it was bringing the satellite on board and therefore exposed. Bridge crew recognized the Romulan vessel as the same civilian ship that destroyed the Shuttlecraft Aramis, and engaged the Asphodel in a firefight in the Jenatris Cloud. The Albion sustained serious damage, with the crew fighting plasma fires on the medical and engineering sections while the bridge struggled to target their foe in the wake of ionic interference.

The dogfight took a turn for the worst when a stray shot hit one of the satellites in the web, causing a cascade failure. As a portion of the web collapsed, a perilous subspace anomaly opened up, threatening to consume the Albion and the Asphodel. The Albion pulled off a risky maneuver to move to the relative safety of the Jenatris Corridor, only to find that the subspace rift caused a terrible ion storm that was surrounding both ships. The Albion found itself in the eye of the storm, staring down a Romulan ship with hostile intentions.

Meanwhile, on StarBase 118 Ops, Black Tower intelligence worked in conjunction with the data being sent from the Albion while searching for suspects in the murder of a terrorist being held for questioning. As StarBase 118 lost contact with the Albion, concern grew among the crew left on the station.

“Communications don’t just cut out like that,” commented operations officer Kylene Walsh. “They were attacked out there, and that means we have a big problem on our hands.”

Back in the Jenatris Cloud, the Albion struggles to initiate repairs on both its systems and crew, and a distress signal has complicated their position. A missing Starfleet officer is being held prisoner on the Asphodel and indicates that there is a unique divide between the Romulan crew. While there is hope for recourse with the Romulans, the anomaly in the Jenatris Cloud keeps growing. The safety of two crews hang in the balance as the ion storm around them heads directly towards StarBase 118.

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ufopsb118?d=yIl2AUoC8zA ufopsb118?i=zm47CRu8lsA:GIAd8H4N6CA:D7Dq ufopsb118?d=qj6IDK7rITs

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