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USS Victory’s crew in Romulan space spread thin by combat and a resc

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HUKOGA SECTOR — The crew of the USS Victory, currently aboard the USS Achilles, is engaged in combat with rebel Romulan ships, while an away team is attempting to escape with a recovered deadly virus.

The Romulan Republic requested assistance from the Federation in finding the location of a case of sixteen vials filled with Plasmodium falciparum romulopesti, better known as the Skyfire Virus, which had previously ravaged Romulus. During an away mission to search for the virus, two members of the Victory‘s crew were kidnapped and taken by terrorists aboard a cloaked Romulan shuttle craft.

Mindful of not losing any more crew members, Captain Nugra recalled the away team and worked with the Romulan authorities to locate the vials and the missing members of the away team. Over the objection of his first officer, Nugra sent junior officers on a rescue mission to retrieve the vials and rescue the two missing officers after lifesigns had been located.

The away team was led by Lieutenant Tarsii Asmara to secure the virus and to free Ensigns Janel Tarna and Ensign Elizabeth Rosek from imprisonment. For the two young officers, the close quarters of their prison brought together a friendship in the harsh conditions of their incarceration.

The away team found the virus and captives, and after some close quarter combat from the rebel Romulans, they were able to get away with the virus and the two Victory officers. Meanwhile, Lieutenant Talia Kaji led a small revolt in a Sicarius prison to escape and return to the Victory.

Meanwhile the USS Achilles used its artificial intelligence program THETIS to good advantage against a rebel Romulan fleet of two cruisers and three frigates threatening the system. Captain Nugra brought the ship into a tight orbit around a sun to mask the approach of the Achilles as it lay in ambush for them.

“Looks like we’ve got the Syndicate here, ladies and gentlemen,” said Captain Nugra, before issuing his commands. “Power to the forward shields. Let them fire the first shot, THETIS and Santucci, then let them have it.”

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