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Cmdr Jalana Rajel - Get some rest


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((Backsim - Recovery Wing, Sick Bay ))

:: Jalana entered the Recovery wing and saw the name she wanted to see right at the first room. As she approached the door opened without making a sound and she slipped inside. Stepping closer to the bed she looked down at the patient inside and smiled softly.::

Rajel: Hey, Alize.

:: Jalana had never been one for formalities and she had always addressed her colleagues with their first names, even when she had been new or CMO. That was just who she was. It made her feel like they all were in the same boat. She did realize though that she hadn't with Foster. She was not sure why, maybe she was not sure if he would mind. Before that did not matter since she had been the boss lady, but that had changed now. She should find out, but not now. ::

Sorenson: Hey, Jalana. ::She managed a tiny smile.:: When did you get here?

:: The Trill smiled a bit more and reached out, taking the Doctor's hand.::

Rajel: I just came back, Doctor Foster told me that you had fun without me. ::tilting her head slightly.:: How are you doing.

Sorenson: Tired. There's not much pain anymore, but my chest feels tight and I could sleep for days. ::She sighed:: I don't think I'll get my reports in on time.

Rajel: Don't you worry about that. Right now all you've got to do is getting better. So, was that your first witnessing of a resurrection or does that happen more often? ::She chuckled slightly, hoping that Alize would not mind a little humour, despite the dire situation she had been in. ::

Sorenson: I have never seen that before. ::She took in a tiny breath:: I need to see what kind of chemical she took to give her such a convincing state of death. ::looking up:: I know, I know... later when I feel better.

Rajel: Exactly. I'm sure it is in the files, so it won't run away. ::Pause:: Have you been well taken care of?

::It was after all the time she had not been CMO any more, still strange to be away and know that everything was taken care of. Old habits really did die hard. ::

Sorenson: Well, it's not every day that strange young officers rush to your aid. ::A small smile again:: I'm pretty sure I was bridal carried into sickbay. Which is sweet, if disturbing.

Rajel: ::laughing:: Well that is a treatment we all would like to have.

:: The moment of quiet, and that look in Alize's eyes announced the question she would ask next. Jalana did not have to be a telepath to know.

Sorenson: Commander... do you know.. did Dakrevi hurt anyone else?

Rajel: ::She gently squeezed the woman's hand.:: No, not after she had been with you. The young man who helped you apparently was a hologram, so she could not hurt him even if she had tried. ::She paused and for a moment a memory flashed through her mind of a past life. His voice echoed in her head as she spoke the very same words he had once used.:: She will not hurt anyone any more. She is dead.

:: The following sigh was filled with relief. The change in the facial features, the body language was unique to that emotion. And Jalana could not blame Alize for that, from what she had heard about Dakrevi. It was a double edged sword. As a Doctor every life was sacred, but as a person the actions the Zakdorn had planned and performed disgusted her. ::

Sorenson: She was a monster ::Sorenson whispered::

Rajel: She is gone now, so we don't have to worry about it any more. In time she will be a mere name in reports.

:: Jalana squeezed the hand of her colleague gently as she saw how tired Alize was. Quietly she raised from her chair. ::

Rajel: I shall leave you for now, so you can get some rest and sleep. We're right outside if you need anything.

:: She offered a gentle smile and waited until she was outside to drop it again. Alize had looked bad and she knew that the scars could stay with her for a while. Jalana still had bad dreams from things that had happened to her, and she had never needed to stay in Sick Bay to heal. At least not in this life. She just hoped that Alize would get through this stronger. ::


Commander Jalana Rajel
Commanding Officer
USS Constitution B
Image Team Facilitator

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