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Out with the old and in with the Doyle

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DEEP SPACE 10 — The crew of the USS Constitution-B moved into their new home aboard the USS Doyle-A, but friends—or perhaps enemies—from their past lurk just around the corner.

Following the USS Constitution-B’s mission to find the USS Thomas Edison, Commander Faranster returned with his crew in their slightly beat up ship back to Deep Space 10 for much needed R&R. Once there, he dismissed the crew for shore leave, where they each found a way to decompress.

Before their captain could take his leave for the day, he was called upon by Rear Admiral Jaxx, who reassigned the commander’s command to the USS Doyle (NCC-80221-A) and promoted him to captain. Shore leave commenced for the crew, which included the newly promoted captain reuniting with his sister, Cmdr. Sundassa Faranster, and Lt. Cmdr. Jalana Rajel, who were both visiting Deep Space 10 from the USS Apollo to celebrate the captain’s promotion.

Meanwhile, several crew members were excited by their new vessel.

“The Doyle is a new ship, a fast ship,” said Lieutenant Ariadust. “If the Constitution was a sledgehammer, the Doyle is a scalpel.”

“New ships are full of new opportunities,” added Lt. JG Sabrina Holly, one of the Doyle‘s engineers. “I can’t wait to see where our first mission takes us!”

While not all of the former crew of the Constitution transferred to the Doyle, the majority of the senior staff and large amounts of the departments did. Certain members of the Doyle spent a great deal of time in the Watering Hole, a bar on DSX. It was rumored that one of the engineers and the new tactical officer were both spotted with a certain shady Ferengi named Rorkix.

With high hopes, big dreams, and stars in their eyes, the crew of the Doyle embarked on their first ever mission to Car’then III to run space trials after accepting an observer from Starfleet Intelligence, Commander Michelle Lizner. Lizner had operated as an undercover agent with the Maquis Reborn and had taken part in the hostage situation on Deep Space 285 some months prior.

There have been rumors of tension rising between the Starfleet appointed “observer” and certain members of the Doyle‘s crew. Some crew members have reported potentially hostile forces and dangerous circumstances surrounding the space trials and are beginning to get the impression that something far more sinister is amiss. One can only hope that the Doyle will be able to complete her trials in peace and accomplish whatever it was the crew was set out to do without getting themselves blown up in the process.

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