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Help us grow our fleet by doing this one simple thing

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The “Spring Slump” in recruiting hit us really late this year, and has had a strong impact on the fleet. As you may know, we closed the USS Excalibur-A a few weeks ago due to member attrition, and applications have really slowed.

Luckily, turning the tide just takes a little help from friends. If you have Facebook liking and sharing the post below can help it reach hundreds or thousands more people among your friends. Facebook prioritizes posts that are “popular,” which means they get a lot of likes and shares. So the more people that like and share the post, the more Facebook will show it to people.

Click here to open our Facebook post. Then click “Like” and after that, “Share.” Make sure to add a little note when you share it about how you’re a member, and how much you enjoy our group!

If you also have Twitter, you can retweet the post below, to help it be seen by more people:

Click here to open our Twitter post. Then click the “Retweet” button to share it with your followers.

These quick items will have a big impact on our recruiting efforts, because the absolute best way to bring in new members is through “word of mouth” advertising. It out-performs all of our other efforts by far.

So thanks for helping us grow our community!

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