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Flt Cpt Nicholotti & Cpt Nugra - Re-Christening of the Victory


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(( Auditorium - Display Deck - Utopia Planetia Shipyards ))
:: The auditorium was a large, oval space built to house quite a number of people. Crimson carpet of the finest quality had been installed that matched the color of the cushions on the chairs that were neatly placed in sections through out. The raised oak dais housed the wood lectern that showed the emblazoned symbol of the United Federation of Planets. Nugra looked about and admired the scenery that lay before him. The most attractive was the massive wrap around window that allowed the crowd to have an up close look at the starship being christened. In this case, it was his girl, the USS Victory. ::
:: The day had finally come when he would be getting his own command back and though the ship looked different, he could still feel the same vibrations and spirit that he had fallen in love with on so many tours aboard. It was going to be an exciting time. The only people in the room were the technicians, who were setting up the final electronics that would broadcast the re-christening for anyone who would want to watch. There was enough seating for the 160 crewmembers that served aboard her, but the person he was looking for were the two special guests of honor. He saw the Asian woman first as she came in to the room, the one gold pip surrounded by a box glimmering in the overhead light. Straightening his own dress whites, he approached and snapped her a salute. ::
Nugra: Fleet Captain Nicholotti? Captain Nugra, USS Victory. It is good to meet you.
::Kali couldn’t help but smile and salute in return. The Gorn captain stood against the backdrop of a ship that her memories couldn’t place, but she knew from her logs that she had a history with. The Victory had stopped wars, stood against insurmountable odds, and had gone on to become what was before her today. History had come a long way, and now they were standing in the face of a brighter future because of the name ‘Victory’.::
Nicholotti: You as well. I have heard a good many things about my old stomping grounds and her new Captain.
::There was no need to bring up her own recent history today. No, she would make the best of today and create new memories for herself and those who would share in this momentous occasion.::
Nugra: I wanted to thank you for accepting the invitation to be our opening speaker. It is quite an honor.
Nicholotti: ::Shaking her head slightly.:: The honor is mine, Captain.
:: An older black human entered the room and immediately made his way to them. He wore the rank of a Rear Admiral and the stubble and broad smile told the lizard that it was his other guest speaker. The Gorn also provided the respectful salute which in return the man clasped his hand in a human handshake and wrung it vigorously. ::
Zimbata: Captain Nugra! It is a pleasure finally meeting you. Thank you very much for inviting me. I did not think our email exchange would become an invitation to speak. ::Peering at the refitted Intrepid. :: She's a beautiful ship, worthy of the name.
Nugra: Thank you, sir, if I may introduce Fleet Captain Kalianna Nicholotti, Chief Medical Officer of the USS Gemini.
Zimbata: :: Jovial :: It's good to meet you, Kalianna. Excuse my informality, I've been retired for quite a number of years and had to replicate this monkey suit for the ceremony.
::Kali grinned at that, sharing a moment between the flag officers. Yet, at the same time, she couldn’t shake the ability to respect the rank.::
Nicholotti: Well it suits you sir, despite the discomfort. Glad you could make it today.
::Time grew short and preparations required attention. Soon the room would be full and she would be sharing her thoughts with the masses. For now, however, she followed the other two and waited for the festivities to begin.::
((TIME WARP - Beginning of the Ceremony. ))
:: Nugra, Zimbata, and Nicholotti took their places in the three seats on the raised dias. The crew had found their seats and the camera crews had finally finished moving in the far corners of the room. A Lieutenant Commander tapped the mic and began to speak. ::
Borgia: Ladies and Gentlemen, I am Lieutenant Commander Josef Borgia and I will be the masters of ceremonies for this event. I would like to thank Rear Admiral Marien Zimbata and Fleet Captain Kalianna Nicholotti for their attendance today.
:: Polite applause echoed through the room and grew silent. Borgia stepped aside for Nicholotti to speak. ::
::In the echoes of the applause, Kali found herself standing and moving towards the mic. Waiting as the noise returned to silence, she smiled and looked across the room. When all was finally quiet, she began to speak, her slight Russian accent drifting across the wide open space.::
Nicholotti: The past has always set the stage for the future. Sometimes the path between the two is hard and the choices few. Sometimes, however, history dictates a future bright enough to spark an entire generation.
::Kali turned and gestured towards the Victory.::
Nicholotti: Space is deep and dark, ever threatening to engulf the flames of exploration residing within each of us. The Victory is our answer to that darkness. ::Pausing a moment for the crowds reaction she turned back towards everyone.:: Through the good times and the bad, the ship you that rests before you is the epitome of the spirit of Starfleet. She has stood impossible odds, stopping wars and resisting destruction over and over again. She has offered protection, as a mother might, to the crew that serves within. And now, upgraded with the very best the Federation can offer, she stands ready to do it all again.
::Again, she paused a moment before following up with a final thought.::
Nicholotti: The universe beckons us to explore despite the dangers lurking everywhere. It always has. In the beginning of Earth’s space program, a Russian named Yuri Gagarin first stepped out into the dark wonder and saw but a glimpse of the future. He was the first to place the name of his spacecraft on a long and distinguished list of vehicles that surpassed the dreams of the generation before. Today, the Victory joins that list as well. Today begins the journey into the future, made brighter by this engineering marvel, and all who serve aboard her. You are that future. Stand and be proud of the name Victory!
::For a long moment, Kali stood there, waiting. The applause didn’t die down by the time she waved and smiled again, picking up a red carnation and stepping back to the wall against which the Victory served as their backdrop. Holding the flower high, she repeated the Russian tradition that so many cosmonauts had participated in before her. It was ancient history, but the non-verbal message rang loud and clear throughout the room as she returned to her seat.::
:: As the crowd began to quiet after the rousing speech given by a captain who understood the concept of re-birth rather personally, Nugra watched as the older Admiral, the original captain of the USS Victory, the Constellation Class vessel, made his way to the stand. He cleared his throat and smiled at the crowd. ::
Zimbata: I am not one for words like Fleet Captain Nicholotti, but I do have a few to share with you. ::reading old fashion Que cards::. The Victory is a very proud name and when I served aboard the first ship of that name, I could not have been more proud. The name embodies strength, vision, dedication, and overall, relentless pursuit of the Federation ideals. To see such a beautiful new ship taking on the roles set forth by her namesake can only make me more proud of her.
:: Zimbata cleared his throat and motioned to Commmander Borgia who was waiting at the side with a purple satin covered object. The officer brought it forward and set it on the lectern in front of the Admiral before retreating back to his side of the dais. With a flourish, Admiral Zimbata removed the cover and exposed a beautiful wooden model of an ancient earth ship that once sailed the oceans of Earth so many years ago. A grin crossed the old man's face. ::
Zimbata: This model was presented to me by Lieutenant Commander Geordi LaForge many years ago as the Victory was an important part of his life. I cannot allow such a beautiful momento sit on a shelf gathering dust when it could be sailing the stars with you. Captain Nugra?
:: The large Gorn stood and approached the lectern and waited at the position of attention. This part of the speech was a surprise to the lizard and he was not sure what the Admiral had planned. ::
Zimbata: Captain, I would like to present you and the crew of the USS Victory this model as a tribute to your continued dedication to the Starfleet, the Federation, and most importantly, to each other.
:: Nugra took the delicate model as applause erupted from the audience. The Gorn returned to his seat with it and admired the fine craftsmanship. ::
Nugra: We'll make sure this gets a good place in the back forty, Admiral.
Zimbata: Speaking of that, Captain Nugra wanted me to tell you that the crew should meet in the Back Forty for a ship's promotion ceremony! I will see you there!
:: With that, the christening ceremony was over. ::
JP By…
Fleet Captain Kalianna Nicholotti
Chief Medical Officer
USS Gemini
Captain Nugra
Commanding Officer
USS Victory, NCC-362447
FWPA '15 Facilitator
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