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Invasive alien responsible for 27 deaths on StarBase 118

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STARBASE 118 — Repairs are underway on StarBase 118 after the heroic actions of a Starfleet Ambassador helped defeat a hostile alien that caused the riots and deaths of 27 crew and civilians aboard the starbase.

As the crew of StarBase 118 converged on the station’s promenade, many terrible answers were uncovered about the nature of the riots gripping the station. A telepathic alien intelligence called Aidris-Taree was hiding in the form of a humanoid child. Moving through the station and inciting people to madness, the telepathic invasion was so strong it damaged the bioneural circuitry in certain areas of the ship. Many victims showed signs of neurochemical imbalance and brain damage.

As teams closed in on Aidris-Taree, the alien moved forward into a final showdown against the station’s commanding officer, Commander Leo Handley-Page. Shedding its false skin, it turned into a towering monstrosity in the middle of the promenade and advanced upon Handley-Page and the medical team.

When phaser fire did nothing to stop it, satellite teams started looking for other options. Lieutenant Vance Sheridan and Lieutenant JG Sabina Tiam contacted the returning away team on the shuttlecraft Ivalice, asking if they could beam the alien away from the Promenade. The away team needed a way to get a transporter lock on the alien, and before anyone else could react, Ambassador Nia Caldren rushed forward, grabbing the beast and telling the away team to lock onto her signal.

Ensign Clayas Vell simultaneously transported the away team to StarBase 118, while beaming Ambassador Calderan and Aidris-Taree onto the Ivalice. Immediately afterwards, he and Lieutenant JG Rocko Stevens worked on isolating the Ambassador and bringing her back to StarBase 118, while the alien vessel Noguwip trained its weapons upon the Ivalice. As soon as Ambassador Calderan was retrieved, the Noguwip vaporized the Ivalice and Aidris-Taree. Captain Y-Rocck of the Noguwip contacted Starbase 118, simply saying, “It was done,” before the Noguwip hastily retreated.

In the aftermath, the crew of StarBase 118 worked tirelessly to repair both body and soul. With 27 killed and over 4,000 injured, crew from all departments banded together with civilian volunteers to initiate cleanup and repair efforts. A memorial has been set up by Prylar Durial Manas of the Janalan Order of the Prophets to act as a multi-faith sanctuary for the injured and grieving.

“It is our duty to guide the souls of the deceased to their final rest,” Prylar Durial noted, “but more importantly we guide the souls of the living to start down the path of the healing process. All it takes is a compassionate ear and a steady arm to lean upon. Anyone might offer it, but in this shrine, all may find it.”

Special concern was given to the members of the diplomatic team sent to the Noguwip. As the team spoke of their experiences, it became clear that Y-Rockk’s methods of “cleansing” were abusive, no matter how well-meaning the alien’s intentions may have been.

Moving forward, the crew of StarBase 118 prepares to take the USS Albion into the dangerous Jenatris Cloud to investigate the network of subspace satellites found by the Ivalice team. Starfleet Command is very interested in the satellites and has reinstated the Black Ops section of StarBase 118 to assist in the investigation. Lt. Commander Chen, formerly of Deep Space 6, has been brought on board as head of Intelligence. With a strong team under him, Starfleet expects answers from the Jenatris Cloud, and the crew of StarBase 118 is working steadfast to deliver them.

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