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Revolutionaries capture fourth largest Inoxan city

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Revolutionaries capture fourth largest Inoxan city
By Reza Kardgar
Stardate 239205.09

Posted ImageINOX SYSTEM — Mashana, the fourth largest city on Inox, has fallen to anti-government forces, and Inoxan Chancellor Koaw Tassin has declared a state of emergency.

After weeks of demonstrations and unrest following the acquittal of a high-ranking government official accused of corruption, protesters have begun a violent—and effective—campaign for revolution against the Inoxan government.

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Having captured large swaths of territory and numerous smaller villages, rebels claimed their latest victory last week over security forces in the northern industrial city of Mashana, where they ripped the flag of the Inoxan government from the city's Central Square before setting it ablaze.

Path to Victory
The rebellion, led by Beja Nyuanin, a former professor at Grand Karra University, has been particularly adept because of a heavy presence of ex-security forces among its ranks, and some observers have suggested that parts of the Inoxan military may be actively behind the rebellion, using Nyuanin and his protesters as a cover for a coup d'état.

"Even with the outdated equipment of the Inoxan security forces, there's no way the rebels have been able to be this successful without help from the military itself," said Dr. Keahvon of the Cerberus Group, a San Francisco think tank. "The question now is who's really in charge of this rebellion. Is Nyuanin just a puppet?"

However, other analysts point to Nyuanin's success at winning the support of the local population to join the fight of the revolutionaries. For instance, a majority of Mashana's own police department turned against the Inoxan government security forces to assist the rebels in capturing the city.

"Some may say that reflects the unprofessionalism of the police and security forces, but it really points instead to the anger that runs deep within the population at all levels," said Elise Roberts, a senior foreign affairs analyst at the Citizen’s Post.

Hearts and Minds
Questions of his power aside, Nyuanin has remained vocal throughout the campaign, giving passionate addresses in the public squares of each city captured so far that have drawn thousands to stand up and cheer for what they see as the first real chance at toppling the current and unpopular Inoxan government, which has remained in power for the past fifty years, mostly because of Federation support which began as an extension of the competing interests of the Federation and Cardassians in the 2340s.

"Make no mistake," declared Nyuanin in a speech in Mashana's Central Square last week. "We are not going anywhere, Chancellor Tassin! You can try to run to your Federation masters, but you will be hunted down and punished for your crimes against the Inoxan people!"

The adoring crowd applauded as effigies of the chancellor as well as Federation President Bacco were burned. With the ongoing Federation Transport Union strike having effectively cut off Inox from its largest trading partner, rampant unemployment has left millions vocal and angry.

"We just want a better life," said Mashana resident and schoolteacher Janisa Kem, who was among those in attendance at Nyuanin's speech. "Doesn't the government understand that? Doesn't the Federation? Leave us alone!"

Members from both the Federation Council and Cardassian Detapa Council have expressed their concerns about the violence on Inox. The nearest major power to Inox, the Tholian Assembly, has remained silent on the issue, although there are rumors that the xenophobic species is growing wary of the unrest at its doorstep. As anti-Federation sentiment continues to fester, the Federation Diplomatic Corps has reaffirmed in its latest travel advisories that Federation citizens currently on Inox should exercise extreme caution and seek departure while all others should avoid nonessential travel to the planet.

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