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Weekend Fun!


Weekend Fun!  

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  1. 1. Which TNG character would be the most fun to have around on the weekend?

    • Jean-Luc Picard
    • Will Riker
    • Beverly Crusher
    • Data
    • Worf
    • Deanna Troi
    • Geordi LaForge
    • Wesley Crusher
    • Guinan

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Welcome to the Poll of the Week!

Well, once again the weekend is coming up. It's funny how that happens every week! Seeing as I work during the week and have to be on my best behavior while I am doing what I do on a daily basis, the weekend allows me to let my hair down a bit and do wild and crazy things I wouldn't quite normally do during the week, and especially while working, unless I wanted to end my career there and then.

So with that being said, we come to this week's Poll of the Week question. Of the main characters in Star Trek: The Next Generation, who do you think would be the most fun to hang around with on any given weekend? Your choices are above, but feel free to add if you wish, and as always, let us know why you chose as you did. And if you do wild and crazy things on any particular weekend, remember, play safe and don't do what I would do! :devil:

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I could see Riker and Guinan making for sweet party companions.

Just have to make sure we have plenty of chairs for Riker to sit awkwardly at...

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I have to go with Data because he is so eager to be human that he is willing to try most anything. Further, he has learned to tap dance, play and instrument and who knows what else. Even when he is goofy doing a new thing, he's amusing.

Now, Picard is the person I'd like to have dinner with full of great conversation and class, but I don't see him being the guy for a swim party or bicycling, or motorbiking. Data would try any activity.

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