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Lt. Commander Taybrim - The Healing Process

Sedrin Belasi

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((Executive Officer's Office - StarBase 118 ops))

::It was early in the morning. So early that Sal hadn't even gotten his Rigellian orange cider cool enough to start drinking, he was just sitting and enjoying the heady, peppery citrus smell it had. Early enough that he felt he was alone, that the rest of the station was sleeping and everything was still.

So when there was a ring for entry he jumped to attention with a startled expression. He had no appointments, and quite frankly he expected most of the people who wanted to talk to him were still sleeping or nursing hangovers.::

Taybrim: ::Brows knitting in confusion:: Come in?

::The Bajoran man who entered was young, and still bore a nervous energy to his gentle demeanor. Long yellow robes embroidered carefully with traditional swirls and symbols in a light green color swished around his feet and his brown eyes gazed back at the executive officer with a look of awe and conviction. An elaborate and obviously antique Bajoran earring graced his ear, and his hair was swept back in the austere style of the Janalan order of the Bajoran religion.

Durial: Lieutenant Commander Taybrim, Sir? ::He dipped his head politely:: I am Prylar Durial Manas. I... I hope I am not interrupting.

Taybrim: ::Sal's gaze turned from confusion to curiosity. He waved a hand to a nearby chair.:: Please, Prylar Durial, have a seat. ::he waited, warming his hands on his cider before setting it aside and querying gently:: What brings you here?

Durial: I came to ask a favor, Commander. ::He took in a short breath:: I do not mean to seem untoward... ::trailing off::

Taybrim: While things may not always be granted, they may freely be asked. Please, speak your mind.

Durial: ::he steadied himself, leaning forward as his voice took on a deeply passionate tone:: Commander, many have suffered in the past days. Some have died. I was approached by two Bajoran families who lost loved ones in the riots, asking for services for the fallen. I agreed, but over the night the Prophets spoke to me. There were more than two who fell, and many who were injured. Perhaps others would appreciate the comfort of having somewhere to grieve and have a memorial to the fallen?

Taybrim: ::he nodded slowly, considering it:: What do you propose?

Durial: I am unsure how many other faiths are represented on this station, but I know I am the only monk of my order this far out. That said, I do not wish to proselytize, but offer comfort. My order is committed to the well being of others, and I believe it is important to offer a place of peace. ::He paused, chewing his lip as if he realized he was rambling:: There is an empty shop in the Promenade in section 24A. I was hoping it could serve as a temporary memorial and place of remembrance.

::Sal took in the man's innocent, hopeful gaze. He seemed to have both great faith and the charming virtue of youth. The counselor in Sal saw great value in offering solace to those who were mourning, though he wanted a bit more information from the monk. He could tell the man's heart was in the right place - but whether he had a plan in place was a much different question::

Taybrim: Prylar Durial, can you tell me how you would set up your sanctuary?

Durial: ::He blinked, looking as if his mind was working faster than his mouth could handle:: It is not elaborate, and not much is needed. A traditional Bajoran sanctuary includes candles to represent the lights of hope, as well as a gong that calls out the passage of the spirit to the prophets. Beyond that there would need to be tables and space for memorials, and chairs for those attending to sit in. The rest must come from the families. At least to remember the fallen. But I am willing to set the space up, and willing to take it down when needed.

::Nodding slowly, he mulled it over. It wasn't surprising that the monk would think in terms of austerity and charity. The whole project seemed to be quite feasible, and while there were always questions of who might be offended by the religious presentation considering the circumstances he believed the simple act of hospitality would far outweigh the possible political throwback. Besides - Durial had asked and acted where others had not. That initiative counted for something::

Taybrim: I believe that sounds quite reasonable. ::beat:: Have you contacted the families of the other victims?

Durial: ::The monk nodded:: I have gotten into contact with eight of them who wish to set up a memorial for their loved ones as well as the two Bajoran families who are willing to help tend the sanctuary. There are still some families that I do not have contact information for, but I intend to let all know that they are welcome.

Taybrim: ::he picked up a PADD and made a note for the quartermaster, before giving his official sign off on the space:: I believe an offer of peace and hospitality, given freely and with compassion is an integral part of the healing process. Prylar Durial, you have my permission to use that space, and I have sent your authorization to the quartermaster. You will need to meet with her and discuss basic set up.

Durial: ::excitement and relief bled through his young features:: Thank you, Commander! I promise good works will be done!

Taybrim: ::he nodded:: I trust so. Best wishes on your endeavors, and thank you for offering such a service.

::Sal leaned back as Durial rushed out to start making preparations. He found himself smiling, considering how thankful he was that in the wake of the disaster the station was seeming to pull together to rebuild and renew itself. While he would have preferred that there was never any riots nor vicious demon-aliens, there was a thick thread of hope underneath the pain that seemed to shine through.

He made a note to check on the young Bajoran monk later in the day, and see how the sanctuary was recieved.




Lt. Commander Sal Taybrim

Executive Officer

StarBase 118 Ops


NPC Prylar Durial Manas

Janalan Order of the Prophets

Starbase 118 Ops

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