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MSNPC Virn Dakrevi - Planned long beforehand


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((USS Apollo-A, Deck 9, Brig))

::After chatting with Dial, it was hard to maintain the poker face she
wore. Dakrevi had played her part well. Better than she had thought
she'd be capable of. And probably better than Flint or Vee had estimated
either. She had been perfect fooling everyone, at some point even
herself. But that had been the plan. While she was chewing on her steak,
she thought about how to go on. She had been given no sharp knife or
pointy fork of course but a spoon and a blunt knife. She'd leave the
knife behind. It was useless. Or maybe she'd keep it but not too fight.
A spoon was fare more effective.::

::She had just finished her drink when the lights turned off. It was
show time. It took the fraction of a second for her to move. She had
memorised the exact location and the position of the three guards
surrounding her cell. She tackled one of them, tripped him up and when
she was lying on the guardsman, she used her right arm to bruise his
voicebox while she used the spoon in her other hand to take his vision.
She then grabbed his phaser rifle and moved silently forward. This was a
high-security area. Very soon emergency power would be back up and she'd
better be far away by then. She was glad that there was an entrance to a
Jefferies tube nearby. Normally it would be sealed mangetically and
there would be some strong forcefields. Now it was almost easy to open.
Her background knowledge from her time as serial killer helped her. The
difficult part was to open it without any noise.::

::Virn didn't know this class, so pursuers - once they found out she was
gone - would be at an advantage. However, she knew how to uitilize one
of the small displays in the Jefferies tubes to orientate. They ran even
in cases of a blackout. Next phase of the blackout would hit the rest of
the ship. It was a well-played move that Flint had programmed to
initiate some time after the ship started to use the warp-drive. It was
her mission now to sabotage the ship now. She was in control of certain
areas of the ship - another side-effect of the virus. That would allow
her to buy time. She crawled out of a jeffrey's tube on Deck 11. Before
she left the tube entirely, she checked if there was anyone on in the
corridor. Luckily there wasn't anyone.::

((USS Apollo-A, Deck 11, Random Corridor))

::She headed to the next computer panel. Flint had showed her how to
redirect emergency power to a console. The virus that had initiated the
black-out was so sophisticated that it even prohibited emergency power
to back up automatically. When LCARS popped up Virn opened the command
section. She utilized this console to use her restricted control of the
ship's function. She initiated the saucer section to seperate. Almost
instantly her control of the console was being challenged. But Flint had
showed her a few tricks. So instead of fleeing she fought over the
control simply to avoid them to interrupt the seperation sequence of the
saucer section. It was an important part of the plan that the ship was
seperated. But she wasn't foolish enough to be caught at this point. So
instead of staying here and defending her control functions against some
code monkey from ops or engineering, she installed a quite skilled bot.
She's be far away once they noticed she wasn't around anymore.::


Virn Dakrevi
Serial killer (found guilty of 10 murders)
USS Bodkin (stolen Arrow class shuttle)

As simmed by:

Ens. Dial
USS Apollo-A

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