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Ensign Rustyy Hael - Enter Sandman


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((Main Engineering))

:: Hael was more focused now then he had been when taking finals at the Academy. Granted he didn't study and wasn't even really that focus for the finals. But there was nothing else to compare his current strength of attention to. He was determined to get the ship fixed up pretty. And the maybe get food. His headache had started to become truly uncomfortable, fighting over it was more annoying then anything. But a dim light at the end of this mission had egged him on.::

:: The team of engineers still in engineering had wadded their way over to the center table to listen to Hael. There was a lot they would have to get done in a short amount of time. Wynter and T'Sel should be about half way through repairing the secondary life support systems. When they were done, he'd ask them to come back to engineering to help finish preparations for the shut down and what ever else might come up.::

:: Most of the engineering staff had been willing to work with him. Which was good overall for the ship, but frustrating for him. The chaos was fun though, it was controlled chaos for him. Which when spoken out loud sounded strange. But it worked for him.::

Hael: Penny... ::Nodded.:: I got engineers at the main computer core, they say that the virus ain't active. It seemed to try and make us go ta secondary systems and then cause us problems.

::He picked up the stack of critical PADDs and set them down in front of him.::

Hael: But we've caught it and are takin' care of that. These are other areas we'll be gettin' started on now. We'll split up, some will start here ::Indicating to the stack of PADDs.:: while some'll start on preps for the big shut down.

Hopper: And what about the rest? ::She said sarcastically.::

Hael: The rest'll be ready to be on call, ::Slightly quieter:: I guess.

::The main door to engineering opened admitting Richolle, Lex and Cart. Cart had been the smallest of the three. Only in height though, for the Tellerite male was quiet round. But he looked like he had done the most crawling round inside the Jefferies tubes, his cloths where covered in grease and grit, while the other two were mostly spotless..::

:: With the rest of the engineers standing around the table, Hael put up his hand up to signal them to wait. It was more efficient to share the information as few times a possible. So he walked over to the team of three.::

Richolle: Hey Rustyy, we've got a handle on the overload in the shuttle bay.

Lex: Doesn't look like it'll give us any more problems for now.

Hael: Fer now ::He nodded in agreement.:: we'll be fittin' to get on it as soon as the mission is over. Pract'ly a full over haul.

:: Hael leaned on one foot more then the other and ran his hand through his hair. When he was getting antsy his already butchered English became worse... If that was possible. Next would be slurring, hopefully no one would ask if he'd been drinking.::

Hael: So what was goin' on down there?

Richolle: ::She tilted her head and shrugged.:: Not much that we saw.

Lex: Some girl came in and scanned the shuttle.

Richolle: But nothing was brought to our attention, so we just focused on our own work and came back as soon as it was done.

Lex: Yeah, the girl was still in there when we left. Didn't take us long to fix the overload.

Hael: Alrighty then, come on over. I's just 'bout to get started.

::Hael made his way back to stand at the center table with the three engineers behind him. They took their places beside the rest of the team and listened. Most stood with their arms crossed, some with their hands folded behind them. Their faces showed their concern with a hint of hurried anticipation.::

Hael: 'K where was I...? ::He looked back down to the divided up table full of PADDs.:: Right, just to catch ya'll up. ::He looked at the three arrivals.:: We'll be shuttin' down the engines in while. We'll be short on time, so we'll be focusin' on primary necessities fer now... Well, then. ::He referred to when they would have the opportunity to shut down the engines.:: And then later deal with the rest.

Hopper: How long till we will be able to work on the engines? The first time.

Hael: Not sure, I'm waitin' ta hear from the gal in charge, but soon. So I'm gonna want several of ya to start the preliminary work fer the engines now. We're gonna have a short time to run diagnostics and then get things fixed. So I want as much done now as possible. So who wants to get started on paper work?

::The engineers assembled shifted their feet and looked anywhere but him. That was another Engineering universal. Nobody wanted to do paper work. Hael was working on the main computer core, so someone else really had to work on the prep work. If no one would volunteer then he was going to make some one do it... There was nothing wrong with a little bit of bribery.::

Hael: Who ever gets started, gets relieved first. :: He head was [...]ed to the side as he eyed the team.::

Dorrian: Well, if that's what's up, then I'll get started.

Hael: ::Grunted and nodded.:: Alrighty, ::Pointed at Dorrian.:: You and... Penny get started. Soon as Damian gets back, I'll be sendin' him yer way.

Dorrian: Who is Mr. Damian?

Hael: ::Slightly annoyed.:: He's one of 'em workin' on deck 19. White hair. Said he knows propulsions.... And if'n you callin' him Mr. It's Wynter... Like his hair. ::He ended on a humorous note.::

Lex: What are the rest of us going to get started on?

Hael: These, ::His attention turned back to the PADD covered table.:: We'll be doin' teams of two or three and handlin' these individually. ::He sorted through the critical stack as he spoke.::

::He assigned small teams to address surges, overloads, and malfunctioning equipment throughout the ship. But only to ones that seemed most critical. Scans had showed problems in Sickbay, some of the science areas, security and in the school rooms on deck 41. There were also problems on the holodecks and 10 Forward, but they'd be dealt with when the immediate danger was gone.::

:: oO That's what you get Kevin... Bring me bad coffee...Oo ::He could be very bitter when he wanted to. Not his better trait.::

::With the teams gathering their equipment and heading out of engineering, Hael found himself in a half empty room. It made him smirk, to see the room like it was. Why, he wasn't to sure of. He started to hum to himself as he turned back to the report PADD he had been working on for the Commander. He filled in the blanks, added a simple list of problem and where they were located. And finished it with a list of actions he'd taken to repair and prevent further damage as well as the work Wynter and T'Sel had done.::

Hael: ::The tune now plaguing his mind was loud enough for him to start singing in quietly.:: Sleep with one eye open, gripping your pillow tight. Exit light. Enter night. Take my hand. We're off to never-never land...


The Vulcan female Hael had meet during his James Bond moment happened to walk by as he was singing. T'Vay, raised an eyebrow at him, and he mimicked her.::

Hael: ::Paused.:: Drum solo. ::He started to make drum noises and pretend that he was beating on a drum set with his hands.::



Ensign Rustyy Hael
Engineering Officer
USS Apollo - A

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