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MSNPC - VeeVee - Explosive in More Than One Way


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((The Bollia - VeeVee's Room))

:: VeeVee was tucked away in her room, gossiping with Nina. The drama hadn't stopped while she was away. It was a nice thought, to know she would be stepping right back into her old life. Except not really. She would be someone else for a while, if not forever. It depended on how long StarFleet would come looking for her and Flint. ::

:: The room she was in was small, but not quiet as small as her cell on Sarius III. She and Nina sat on an old sofa, their legs folded up under them, each holding a fish bowl sized glass with a thick stem. The girls were sipping on long island ice teas. ::

:: On the chipped coffee styled table sat a PADD containing her new identity. She hadn't bothered to look at it. Whatever or who ever she had to be, she would, and would add just a touch of herself along with it. Everyone knew her by her current colors, and though it broke her heart ever so slightly, she could change her colors. But keep the style. ::

:: Sticking out in a crowd, was as good as it was bad. Those who tried to hide or sneak about where usually the ones who where caught first. For those who stuck out where remembered more easily, but everyone would always wonder, 'Is a criminal that dumb to make them noticeable?' Yes she was. It was so obvious that no one thought to really do it.::

Nina: Well?

:: The woman asked while placing her free hand on her hip. She shook her shoulders slightly and waited for VeeVee to say something. VeeVee turned a cold glare to the other woman, but set her drink down. Her fingers hovered over the PADD for just a second longer before she snatched it up, her nails to scratched the table top, which made short screeching noise. Similar to nails on a chalk board. Nina flinched and gawked at VeeVee. The notion of power had always the Romulan grin. ::

VeeVee: Well, let us see what the Human, :: She emphasised Flin'ts race.:: has put together for me.

Nina: Hopefully it's something I can work with -

VeeVee: Indeed. ::She raised an eyebrow.::

:: VeeVee tapped her manicured nails along the rim of the PADD, elongating the anticipation. She licked her top lip before rolling her bottom one over her teeth to gently bit at it. Her fingers moved to turn on the PADD.::

:: The Romulan gritted her teeth, and her nose flared. She tossed the PADD harshly at Nina for the other woman to take a look. Nina's jaw dropped in disgust. The face was plan, no edges no spark, just a face that looked like a sad painting then a work of art that VeeVee was use too. Nina held the up the picture and seeing it again caused VeeVee to snap.::

:: She started by jumping up quickly and taking the beaten table with her, making it tumble across the room. Her storming turned her towards the nearest wall were a sappy flower pot rest. Though not for a minute longer, as it was risen up high before brought down in a glass shattering thud on the floor. The sad flowers lay covered in their own grave at VeeVee's feet.::

:: Next, was a sculpture of some size that was placed near the door into the room. She put her foot up to kick it over, but changed her mind mid kick. Instead grabbed it by the top part and smashed it into the wall. A large section from the upper part crumbled in VeeVee's hands as it went into the wall. Then it was time to kick it over. The Styrofoam strong statue scattered across the floor.::

:: VeeVee threw a few more things around until she planted her fist into the door frame to the small sitting area. The pain caused her to become more upset and she turned her attention to the fragile chairs, she pushed them over and stomped on them.::

:: Her mind then turned it's sights on Flint. oO He did this on purpose.Oo Her mind screamed and was fallowed by an audible screech. Her anger now on something out of her room, she stormed out to where Flint would have been...::

:: The corridors were mostly empty, but the few that past VeeVee regretted it dearly. Pushed into the walls, scratched and left laying on the floor from the toxin on her nails, or punched square in the face, was the wake of misery she left behind her.::

((TimeSkip - Flint's Room))

VeeVee: ::Pounded on the door.:: FLINT!!!! ::Kicked the door and continued to beat on it.:: WE NEED TO TALK!! :: She screamed out.::




Explosive's Expert - For Hire

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