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Lieutenant Nathaniel Wilmer - "Upgrade"


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(( CO's Office ))

::Nate walked in and admired the overall layout of Akeelah's office. He hadn't the opportunity to admire its aesthetics before. Now however, he took a real moment to look around and absorb some of it.::

Wilmer: (not really paying attention to her) Nice office...

D'Sena: I wanted to take a moment to get with you over the details.
::Nate gathered himself and looked back at her. Despite having been trapped in the shuttle for a while, he was none the worse for wear. He looked at her, quite relaxed.::

Wilmer: Yeah, what's been developing since I got locked up in the shuttlebay?

D'Sena: Security's report of what Virn told them, has confirmed that Flint and VeeVee planned to go here. The medical facilities have facial reconstruction abilities, so that is most likely where they will go.
::Nate's attitude became logically grim.::

Wilmer: So it's possible they already look like different people and could be hard to find again.

D'Sena: Agreed. We do not know if they already succeeded or not. I do know, that the ship that brought them is here, but not for how long.

Wilmer: I better get a move on then. Who's going with me?

D'Sena: You have D'Hass for Intel, Wyse as Security and Foster as Medical with you. A team small enough to not too noticeable, but covering the areas we most likely need. Another thing... we will have someone in constant contact with you, that's why I'm giving you and your team these...

::Nate received a handful of devices from Akeelah and looked them over.::

Wilmer: Who will be linked to our team?

D'Sena: Crewman Deq'vish Neth. He will make sure that we have a plan of the station to help you find your way. And your friend, Miss Farnsworth, in case you need any assistance with how to deal with the people over there. According to you she has some experience with places like that.

Wilmer: I'd prefer it if Ms. Farnsworth actually accompanied us. In addition to practical experience, she can actually read a variety of different alien languages and that could save us time in a crunch.
::His protest was open, but not disrespectfully so. He wanted Akeelah to understand there was a good reason why he was asking for what he needed and not simply because of whimsy, or because he might be a control freak.::

D'Sena: I understand that, but I do not feel comfortable to send a civilian out on a mission to capture dangerous criminals. So she'll assist from here.

Helm: =/\= Bridge to D'Sena. We arrived in transporter range. =/\=

D'Sena: =/\= Understood. Impulse and bring us closer. D'Sena out. =/\= ::To Wilmer:: Time to go.
::Nate nodded. So this was it. His first real stab at taking command of an away time. Many was the time his father had ridiculed him for taking his time with his career. Now, in one span of half a year, he'd gone from Ensign to full Lieutenant and now to leading an away team on his own. He felt a moment of pride and accomplishment. And he nodded to her with a firm resolve.::

Wilmer: The game is afoot, as they say. Better go.

::Akeelah nodded, but before he could depart she blurted out something to him in sudden anxiousness. Nate had not expected that.::

D'Sena: Nate!
::Nate took the queue in informality of names, to return the response to her.::

Wilmer: Akeelah?

D'Sena: ::She cleared her throat.:: We know what these guys are capable of... be careful.
::Nate felt a sudden moment of bravado and keen interest. So she was interested in him after all. He winked at her, and gave a full and confident smile, with as much smoothing reassurance as he could muster.::

Wilmer: If I can survive being stabbed in the service of a dashing young first officer on her first real away mission, I think I can handle a few brain-dead criminals. ::It was [...]y, he admitted, but charming too. He turned to her with a final moment of humor before departing.:: Besides, now that Charlotte is watching my back, she'd never let me die. I owe her money.
::And with that he was gone. No goodbyes, no orders of dismissal. A little bit of tongue-in-cheek humor, and wink and a smile. That was Nate's way. And he would probably never change as long as he was alive.::
Lt. Nate Wilmer
HCO/Acting First Officer
USS Apollo-A
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