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March 2015 Post Totals

StarBase 118 Staff

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March 2015 saw most of the ships of the fleet settle into a comfortable groove. Sim numbers across the fleet were some of the most stable, ship to ship, that we’ve ever seen, which is perhaps in part a consequence of the beginning of the fleetwide plot arc — crews may be finding it easier to post at the same rate as some of their fellows. There are a couple of exceptions, as always, the most notable being the Gemini crew, who broke all records and turned in their best month ever and the highest ship sim count for the month. Well done, Gemini crew!

sim totals march 2015

As you see above, eight of the eleven ships in the fleet were within about twenty or twenty-five sims of each other for March — quite stable indeed! The overall count did represent a bit of a dip from February, but this was the first full month since the double relaunch of the Darwin and the Excalibur; in addition to plenty of other extenuating circumstances, it’s likely that those new crews are getting to know each other and that other ships were adjusting to fewer players.

avg sims march 2015

Interestingly, this March gave us an average post count almost identical to that of March 2010! Otherwise, though, it’s been well established in previous years that there’s no clear indication where March’s post averages are likely to go: In 2013, 2010, and 2009, March increased over February’s total, but 2014, 2012, 2011, and now 2015 saw a dip from February. However, you’ll also notice that post counts tend to seesaw back and forth from month to month, so it’s likely that decreases in February and in March mean that we’ll see some good gains in April. Stay tuned, and be sure to keep up with those sims as they come with our fleet archive!

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