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Ens Varaan & Capt Blueheart - Secrets


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((USS Atlantis - Cargo Bay 1))

::The transporter beam shimmer died away slowly. HE looked around. Familiar, but not recent. There were a small group of other civilians clustered around him...scientists, doctors, laborers, technicians. They were all chittering, anxious, worried, wondering what was going to happen next. The artificial lighting in here was similar to what HE was used to from the installation below. HE could blend in with the crowd. That was a good thing. But protocol being what it was, a security detail arrived in the cargo bay within seconds. They were trying to quiet the crowd, make them at ease. It was working but very slowly.::

::There were going to be problems, and very soon. HE could see no way out of this. If HE tried anything overt, like starting an altercation or trying to flee...Flee. Where would he go? HE was stuck on a starship. Internal sensors would find HIM anywhere HE tried to hide. HIS biggest problem was, HE wouldn't be able to just sit back and "blend in with the crowd." HE would only have a minute or two, and then Starfleet protocol would either have the crowd ushered off to sickbay for routine medical exams, or they would be quarantined in here until Medical could have a chance to examine them all. That was going to be the problem.::

::If events of a dozen years ago hadn't happened, then a med exam wouldn't be a problem. But "negative radiation," as Dr. Greene had termed it, had destroyed HIS hearing during a mission on another ship...Another ship, another place, another time. But an immediate effect, here and now. To compensate for HIS lost hearing, artificial bio-neural implants had been surgically added to HIS skull. Normally, not a problem. But these things were unique, and would make HIM stand out during any medical exam. They were on file. They would give away HIS identity...an identity HE had not used in many years.::

::HE only had one logical choice. HE needed to be separated from the others in the crowd, and explain to someone in charge what was going on. But how to be extricated without causing attention? Wait. If HE caused a disturbance, perhaps Security would remove HIM to the brig, away from the innocents (and, HE was sure, not-so-innocents) in the motley group surrounding HIM presently. There was a guard nearby. If the guard were to be harassed? Attempting to relieve the guard of his sidearm would surely get HIM removed. But more than likely, also shot in the process. Perhaps just being belligerent towards the guard. HE slowly manoeuvred HIS way through the group until HE was at the front.::

SECURITY: Please, just step back, sir.

::HE pushed HIS way closer, actual physical contact being made. The guard took a step back, giving HIM the benefit of the doubt, but the guard's attitude and demeanor visibly changed to one of alert preparedness.::

SECURITY: Sir, I asked you to step back.

::HE pushed HIS way forward again feigning aggressiveness, and didn't resist when the guard spun HIM around and shoved HIM up against a bulkhead. The guard removed his phaser from the uniform holster and pointed it at HIS back.::

SECURITY: Sir, you're going to have to come with me.

::HE noticed the rest of the group now had a quiet aggressiveness and the remaining guards were more wary. HIS absence from the group should now not be too out of place. Hopefully HE could speak with whomever was in charge and be back, undercover, within the group soon. HE allowed the guard to guide HIM by muzzle-point through the corridors toward the brig. HE knew the way, of course. After all, HE had been here before.::

((Brig - Later))

::HE was within the holding cell, the buzzing of the forcefield barely audible, but present to the trained ear. HE had a practiced ear, too. HE could probably ascertain the correct resonant frequency, should anyone care to ask HIM. HE was seated on the cot in the cell. HE had requested to speak to the commanding officer as soon as HE had been safely put in here. At first the guards refused HIM, saying that HE could speak with Lieutenant Helling, their chief, instead. But Helling was presently occupied, and the captain was not. And curious to find out why someone from the doomed installation wanted to speak with him. Perhaps the captain thought HE would impart some knowledge about what had happened down on the planet. Whatever the reason, Captain Blueheart was on his way.::

::The doors to the security area opened and in strode a man in a red-trimmed uniform, four shiny golden pips on his collar. He walked towards the cell and stopped, studying Him for a moment.::

VARAAN: Captain, you need to release me back to the group without any questions.

BLUEHEART: ::raising his eyebrows:: Excuse me?

VARAAN: I need to be sent into the group just as I am.

BLUEHEART: And what happens if I don’t do as you say?

VARAAN: My life, and possibly the well-being of your ship and crew, could be at stake.

BLUEHEART: Why should I believe someone on the other side of this force field? ::He paused, taking a small step closer.:: Who are you, really?

VARAAN: Captain, we really do not have time for this “back and forth.” Release me, please.

BLUEHEART: Your boldness intrigues me. But I’m afraid you’re not exactly in a position to negotiate. If you want me to do as you say, you’ll have to come clean and tell me everything.

VARAAN: I am not at liberty to say.

::Varaan could see that this was going to be as difficult as he thought it would be. Understandably. No one holding the rank of Starfleet captain should follow the unsubstantiated instructions of a complete stranger. Blueheart would be a fool if he did. Varaan would have to give the man “something.”::

VARAAN: All I can tell you is that you are interfering with a Starfleet Intelligence operation. I need you to release me to the group, as is.

::Not entirely true. There was no interference, per se. Granted, the Op would go much easier if Blueheart agreed. But Varaan could tell this wasn’t going to go his way.::

BLUEHEART: ::soft chuckle:: Oh come now, you’ve got to do much better than that.

VARAAN: Are the Breen still out there, captain?

::Varaan waited to see what the captain’s response would be.::

::Raj was astonished. His frown gave his surprise away. Perhaps this man was a Starfleet Intel operative like he said he was. His heart began to quicken its pace just slightly. Could it be that the Breen were in fact not looking for Elsa, but rather.. ::

BLUEHEART: ::staring intently into the stranger’s eyes:: How do you know about the Breen? You were transported aboard like the rest of the scientists. How do you know about them? Are they.. ::He left his sentence unfinished.::

VARAAN: ::stepping closer to the force field.:: It is possible that they are, at least in part, here looking for me. Your ship would be safer if you returned us to the installation.

::So it was true. His heart was almost racing now.::::

BLUEHEART: ::He too, stepped closer to the force field.:: That’s impossible, I’m afraid. Outpost Bravo no longer exists. It was destroyed by violent seismic activity.

::Varaan froze at the revelation the captain had just laid on him. Return to the installation was, indeed, out of the question. Therefore, either Varaan would have to stay on board the Atlantis, or be handed over to the Breen. The latter was far more than counter-productive. Varaan really did not have any choice.::

VARAAN: That is unfortunate. However, it does only leave me with one alternative. I shall have to remain here until the rest of the installation personnel have left the ship. A cover story must be thought of, in case any of them ask about me.

BLUEHEART: And why is that, stranger? And why should I lie for you?

VARAAN: Captain, I am Vulcan. That much should be obvious. And although Vulcans can lie, it is very often beneath us to do so. What I am telling you is the truth. I am a deep-cover operative for Starfleet Intelligence. Currently, my cover is S’telin, an engineer working at the installation. The personnel have been under surveillance for some time, and alerting them to that fact could jeopardize years of work. Do you understand, captain?

::He let a full minute of silence pass between them before speaking.::

BLUEHEART: In case any of them ask, I’ll say you died. ::He said it very bluntly and without emotion or expression.:: Will that suffice?

VARAAN: I would prefer not to “die,” so that I could continue the Op later, should I run across any of them again.

BLUEHEART: Okay, not dead then. Just under arrest. Of course, you do realize that there’s no such thing as a free lunch?

VARAAN: I do not require sustenance at this time. ::Unless, this was one of those annoying Human euphemisms.:: What do you mean, captain?

BLUEHEART: I’ll play along but only if you tell me everything. ::short, barely perceptible pause:: EVERYTHING.

VARAAN: I am not authorized...

BLUEHEART: Like you said, we have no time for this cat and mouse game. Either you prove to me that you are who you say you are, or I hand you over to your ::making air quotes:: friends. No, wait. Maybe I’ll hand you over to the Breen. I’m fairly certain that’ll guarantee their leaving us alone.

::Not waiting for a response from the Vulcan, Raj turned to leave, hoping his years of serving as a counselor aboard the USS Discovery will prove his assumption right about the man. As he took his first step away from the cell, he spoke over his shoulder, with his head only partially turned towards the man.::

BLUEHEART: I give you one hour to reach a decision before I make one you’re not going to like. Good day, mister.

::His steps were slow. Intentionally slow.::

VARAAN: Captain, you know I cannot divulge anything about my operation to you. However…

::Varaan waited until the captain stopped walking away. Blueheart, however, did not turn around. Varaan continued.::

VARAAN: If you contact Admiral Krieger at Deep Space 26, inform him you have me in your custody, and give him the password “Aurelius,” he will confirm what he can to you, so you will know as much as you are permitted. I will, of course, wait here.

::Without saying a word, Raj resumed his steps until he was out of the security office.::



A joint post by:

Ensign Varaan

Secret Operative

USS Atlantis



Captain Raj Blueheart

Commanding Officer

USS Atlantis


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