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PO1 Michael Jellico - An update


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((Jellico’s personal quarters – USS Darwin-A))

::Michael had seen that he had an priority message marked urgent as soon as he had got back from the Dunbar but he hadn’t opened the mail. He’d known the message was going to be an update on Brooks and he’d been too afraid to open it encase it was bad news. He’d ignored it as long as he could with the justification that there would be nothing he could do until the Darwin reached Deep Space Six. But now the Darwin had reached Deep Space Six and he was forced to confront his fears, of course he wasn’t forced to do it sober. He opened a bottle of real scotch whiskey that he’d been saving for an emergency, poured himself a large shot and downed it quickly. He drank two more shots before he was strong enough to open the message. It wasn’t the way that whiskey was supposed to be enjoyed, but he wasn’t interesting in savoring the flavors, he wanted to be numb when he heard the news that Brooks was gone from his life.::

::Michael glanced over the two line message which informed him to contact the family liaison office on earth and hit the provided link. A familiar spinning logo appeared and Michael found himself pouring another glass and pictured brooks in his mind as he waited for someone to pick up on the other end. He’d meet Staff Sergeant Brooks Gwinnett aboard the Victory, inadvertently walking in one of her private workout sessions on the Holodeck. He should have left straight away but instead he stood there gawking at her tight outfit as she stretched for a warm down. She'd caught him, pointing out that he was steering and an apology had somehow turned into a drink, then a dinner date and dancing. It was odd, he’d always hated Marines and was of the opinion that they had no place on Starfleet ships and yet.... somehow he'd fallen in love with one.::

((Flashback - Gwinnett's Personal Quarters - USS Victory))

::Michael had surprised Brooks with a bouquet of flowers as a thank you gift for visiting him in sickbay. But the visit was only part of the reason, Michael’s roommate had visited him as well but, unfortunately for him, PO Sankar hadn't received flowers. Michael had been attracted to her since he'd first laid eye on her and although he was afraid to admit it his feelings towards her were growing, flowers seemed like the perfect gift. Although he never would have imagined that he would give flowers to a Marine. He'd had bar fights with Marines many times, but never given one flowers.::

Jellico: Would you be interested in a meal to go with your flowers? I can’t really cook at the moment, ::He gestured again at the arm:: but I’m sure we could find somewhere on the surface.... if you are interested?

Gwinnett: Sure, I would love to. I can cook almost anything. But the taste, well.. no one ever criticized me for very long. If you know what I mean.

::Michael did know what she meant. Brooks was officially a combat medic, but the joke was that she could cause more damage than she could heal. Michael was still digesting the joke when the lips of Brooks were suddenly pressed against his cheek.::

::Michael froze, savoring the moment.::

Jellico: I don't think a kiss on the cheek has ever...

::Brooks interrupted him softly.::

Gwinnett: Quiet.

::Then Michael saw her move forward and instinctively he leaned forward too for a gentle kiss on the lips.::

Gwinnett: Let me put these in some water, and get dressed. You will have leave for a few minutes, as much as I would like to give you a ‘show’ there are some things that are “worth” waiting for.

Jellico: I'm sure. ::Michael said with a small laugh.:: I'll wait outside and try not to let my imagination get the best of me.

((End flashback))

::Michael smiled faintly as he remembered their exchange, but the voice of the Commander on the monitor in front of him snapped his attention back to the present.

Soul: Son, it's about Staff Sergeant Gwinnett. As you know, you are listed as her secondary next of k....

Jellico: Is she dead?

::Michael said the words coldly and realized that his entire body was tense as if trying to brace himself for a bullet. The Commander's face creased, he clearly didn't like being interrupted but he sat on his urge to respond angrily.::

Soul: No, in fact her condition has improved.

::Michael felt his heart jump in his chest.::

Jellico: She's okay.

Soul: She's far from okay, but her condition has improved. She's breathing by herself again and shes awake.

::Michael nodded unable to process the good news, he’d been certain that she had died while he was on the Dunbar. He had been told that she’d crash-lined after being transferred from the Tiger to the Victory and that her spinal surgery hadn’t been without complications and yet now he was being told that she was recovering.::

Jellico: Where?

::The single word came out raspy.::

Soul: She’s receiving treatment here on earth. I’ll send you the full details in a download.

::Michael nodded.::

Jellico: Thank you sir.

::The Commander nodded uncomfortably.::

Soul: She’s a fighter by the sounds of it. ::He paused.:: I’ll contact if I have any more updated but I strongly encourage you to make you own contact with the sergeant.

::Michael actually smiled at that comment.::

Jellico: Will do. Thank you again sir.

Soul: Take care Mr. Jellico

::The Commanders face was replaced with the Starfleet emblem and Michael reached for the bottle again with a shaking hand as the tears came again.::


Petty Officer 1st Class Michael Jellico

Security and Tactical

USS Darwin-A

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