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Happy Birthday Grace Lee Whitney!

Ayiana Sevo

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Happy birthday to Grace Lee Whitney, AKA Yeoman Janice Rand on Star Trek: TOS and several movies. I didn't know that she was written out of TOS after less than half a season. According to a convention she spoke at that I saw her at, she was the one that came up with the miniskirt idea for TOS, to add some "Va-Va-Voom!" to the show; in her own words!

Star Trek.com doesn't have a news post for her, as they are too busy with April 1 pranks.


I feel a special connection to her as she is a local celebrity here. She lives in the same housing association as my parents do (and myself, when I lived with my parents through high school and college). I live in a nearby town, it is still only 20 minutes away. People see her all the time at our local supermarket, diner, and at the local church. She is a very down-to-earth lady. I almost had the opportunity to have lunch with her once as a teenager, but I came down with the flu and had to miss it. Regret that to this day. Still, I got an autograph of her when she attended a small Fresno Sci-fi convention when I was even younger!

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UPDATE: Grace Lee Whitney Dies, May 1, 2015. Age 85


As I've said before, I often saw her around Coarsegold. Many people around here will miss her.

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I just found out, my father told me. She was great with fans and fandom loved her a lot. Rest in Peace.

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Very sad news. She will be missed by many. May she rest in peace.

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