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Lt JG Alexander Bishop, "Conversations with an Andorian"


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((Sickbay, USS Constitution- B))

((OOC -- Sidesim? I'm not really sure where this fits, since I had left Sickbay on my last post, but I'm going to have some fun here.))

:: Time must still be playing tricks here, Alex was certain he had left sickbay, but here he was again, with Tal looking over him. Maybe he had been daydreaming or something, but the large blue man was standing over him, giving him a look. ::

Bishop: Hello to you too Commander. How can I help?

Tel-ar: Medical.

Bishop: You really need to stop playing with toys that will sear your flesh. This is starting to become a habit I see. :: Alex said with a smirk. :: Why didn't you come here sooner? This does not look like it just happened.

:: Alex pulled out his scanner to see just how injured the man in front of him was. ::

Tel-ar: You have been informed at my earliest convenience Lt. Cmdr.

Bishop: So, convenience is how you judge whether you should be allowed to keep a working hand or not. Good to know. Glad you're not in my field of work. Personally, I would have come sooner.

Tel-ar: My shift ended approximately 7 minutes 23 seconds ago.

Bishop: You really should seek medical attention at the time it happens, instead of waiting until you feel like you can spare the time. The difference between the two time frames could mean the difference between keeping your hand, or having to need a prosthetic one.

:: Alex was certain after looking at the hand that it wasn't going to come down to that, but he wanted to make sure that his patient understood that medical attention is not a convenient thing, it is a necessity. He reached over for the medspray to apply an antibiotic. ::

Tel-ar: Illogical but I will keep that in mind.

Bishop: I don't see how that's illogical. If you don't seek medical attention after getting hurt like this, then you risk complications.

Tel-ar: Of course.

Bishop: So in the future, you're going to come to sickbay sooner when you injure yourself like this, right?

:: Alex injected a small dose of steroids in both hands to help them retain some of their strength while they healed. ::

Tel-ar: Small talk is illogical. :: As he said that the Dr. gave him an injection in both hands. ::

Bishop: Then it's good we're not having small talk. I'm berating you on your choice in when to seek medical assistance. I'm not sure why you're thinking this is small talk.

:: Alex was certain that Tal was smarter than he was appearing to be, but it was like they were having two separate conversations here. ::

Tel-ar: I will take that as a compliment Lt. Cmdr. Lt. Cmdr. Udas and I are most definitely not similar.

Bishop: Ok, so who's starting the small talk here? You're a very inconsistent person, did you know that?

:: Alex sprayed a liquid sealant over the wounds to keep out any additional infections. ::

Tel-ar: He is Andorian by birth. I am Andorian by genetics.

Bishop: One of these days I will have to try to figure out how that works, since they are both essentially the same thing, unless you're talking about having genes spliced into your DNA after you were born...

Tel-ar: For me it is an important distinction. Are you finished?

Bishop: Yes. We are all done here with your treatment. Remember what I said about seeking medical attention in a timely manner.

Tel-ar: Thank you Lt. jg. :: Tal nodded slightly before he turned and walked out. ::

Bishop: oO What a very awkward conversation.... Oo

Lt JG Alexander Bishop
Chief Medical Officer
USS Constitution-B, NCC-9012B

Edited by Ceciri Ariadust
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