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Starfleet destroys rogue USS Spartan in Klingon space

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KLINGON SPACE — The USS Gemini has destroyed the rogue USS Spartan after detaining her crew in an effort to prevent all out war.

The USS Gemini pressed on deeper into Klingon space in search of the USS Spartan and her rogue captain, Captain Jeremy Clarkson. With the aid of a classified piece of technology developed by the Starfleet Corps of Engineers, the Spartan continued to hunt unsuspecting Klingon ships.

Aboard the Gemini, a think-tank led by Lt. Cmdr. Alex Blair, managed to outthink the Starfleet Corps of Engineers by finding a way to track the disguised Spartan just in time for the Gemini to detect the signs of the Spartan destroying yet another Klingon ship. Without hesitation, the Gemini laid in a course to rendezvous with the Spartan before the Klingon captain, Jov’rak, could get there.

When the Gemini arrived, they found a vessel which according to sensor reports was an outdated freighter. However the Gemini’s crew were able to detect a gravitational displacement that corresponded to a Defiant class starship instead of a freighter. The crew knew that meant only one thing: they had found the USS Spartan.

Commander Frost wasted no time before hailing the Spartan and asking for Clarkson to stand down and turn himself in for his crimes. Clarkson refused, thinking that his reasons for his actions were wholly and justifiably right, though members of his own crew started to think otherwise.

“Captain Clarkson, by order of Starfleet Command, I am hereby placing you under arrest for treason. You have thirty seconds to lower your shields and surrender your vessel, or I will be forced to open fire and take it by force,” Frost was reported to have said to the rogue captain. “If you surrender without a fight, I’ll make sure to tell your court martial that you cooperated. Your thirty seconds start as of the end of this sentence.”

A standoff ensued between the two Starfleet vessels with a short exchange of fire. Things only got worse when the IKS Su’wamh decloaked. As the Spartan’s shields started to fail, Frost ordered that the crew of the Spartan be transported over to the Gemini.

When it came time to transport Clarkson, the Klingons tried to beat the Gemini to it. Thanks to some quick thinking by Ensign Randal Shayne and an interesting trick using the deflector dish, Shayne was able to complete the transport cycle and bring Clarkson aboard the Gemini. Shortly thereafter, Frost ordered Lt. Cmdr. Oliver Weston to open fire once again and completely destroy the Spartan.

As the Gemini made best possible speed for Federation space, Frost headed for the transporter room to have a one-on-one discussion with Clarkson. The two men exchanged words before Clarkson swung his arm to land a punch on Frost only to end up receiving a hit of his own from Frost.

Clarkson remains in the Gemini’s brig awaiting transfer to the JAG office on Starbase 118.

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