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Watching TOS for the first time in years

Ayiana Sevo

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So I've started watching TOS again for the first time in many years. (Not counting the movies. I watch those all the time! ) I last saw them before they were remastered, so that gives you an idea how long its been, even though I own the non-remastered DVDs, lol. I forgot how good these were, despite the "dated" graphics and set design. I guess that was the main reason why I normally skipped TOS when binge-watching Star Trek (and start with TNG). Shows where my priorities with entertainment used to lie: looks over story.

Now I seem to notice the story more, and the barriers it shattered along the way. I just finished watching "Court Martial" and was surprised at how enthralled I was with it; a good law & order story that could probably hold up in any TV show today. Even an African-American Commodore, which was probably even more unheard-of in the '60s than an African-American woman on the bridge!

Rant over. Just saying how much I am enjoying watching TOS again!

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I watched TOS first because I watched Star Trek 2009 and wanted to see more of Kirk, Spock and Co.

I was immediately hooked and despite the dated visuals (a "problem" I solved by knocking back a few before watching) I really loved it all. I watched every episode of TOS and all the movies before even starting TNG.

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TOS did break a lot of ground. In addition to African American top brass, it also had the first inter-racial kiss on American television between Uhura and Capt. Kirk in the episode where they ran into the Greek gods who were playing with them. (I just never recall segment titles, sorry). I always found that interesting since it only took several hundred years for TV to catch up with Shakespeare who had inter-racial marriage during the Renaissance in Othello!

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Occasionally I get home from work in time to catch an episode on METV here in the states. They are showing the remastered version and I'm finding myself as enthralled as I was the first time I watched them.

I love them and will watch them over and over again, but I can't help but driving starships through the plot holes with affectionate glee.

Today's episode was The Doomsday Machine.

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