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Happy birthday Bill!


Happy Birthday Bill!  

14 members have voted

  1. 1. Favorite non Captain Kirk Roles by William Shatner

    • Bob Wilson in the Twilight Zone episode Nightmare at 20,000 Feet
    • TJ Hooker
    • The Big Giant Head in 3rd Rock from the Sun
    • Denny Crane from the Practice & Boston Legal
    • Another
    • None: Liked him best as Captain Kirk

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Welcome to another amazing, sensational, viral, tell your friends and family about it, Poll of the Week! :P

What a spectacular week it has been thus far! The State of the Federation Address was released. We here at Poll of the Week got drunk on green beer at the St. Patrick's day parade on Sunday while at the same time we were able to celebrate the birthday of William Shatner!

So as I sit and write this, still attempting to sober up literally a block away from where the man who brought Captain Kirk to life attended High School here in Montreal, this week's Poll of the Week will focus on the actor William Shatner himself. What do you think was his best role outside of playing Captain Kirk on Star Trek? Was it Bob Wilson in the Twilight Zone episode Nightmare at 20,000 Feet in 1963 or how about his portrayal as T.J. Hooker from 1982 to 1986? Or maybe it was Bill being the The Big Giant Head in 3rd Rock from the Sun that was your favorite. Or maybe it was Denny Crane on the Practice and then Boston Legal. You may choose amongst these or add your own if you wish as the list can go on for quite a bit. Or maybe you just liked him best as Captain Kirk?

So vote away people and don't be afraid to voice the reasons why you feel as you do!

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I actually have never seen him outside of Star Trek...except that one movie series he made. Tekwars or something like that? Never saw Boston Legal; law shows aren't my thing.

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I voted Boston Legal because I watched several episodes recently, but I actually watched him the most as a host in Rescue 911.

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I voted that I liked him best as Captain Kirk, but I almost felt as if his Kirk role should have been divided into Kirk in TOS and Kirk in the movies. As he matured, he really became a far more interesting character. My favorite example of this was when he portrayed a perfect blend of the traditional risk-taking, swashbuckling Kirk of TOS and the cagier, savvier more mature captain in Wrath of Kahn. The older Kirk was far more humorous and had more charm as he both accepted and resented some of the limitations of getting older. The best possible scene was when he struggled with the glasses Bones had given him as he was trying to get the necessary codes for one of his famous last ditch efforts to save the ship. The glasses served as another great prop when he sold them antiques to get some money in The Journey Home. Reminded that they had been a gift, he quips, "That's the beauty of it; they will be again." He had hated those glasses in Wrath, but he still made clever use of them in Journey.

I found the movie Kirk far more interesting.

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I'm not the biggest fan of William Shatner, so I prefer him as Captain Kirk. Although I remember seeing him a while ago as a host in "Have I got News For You', and I found him furiously funny in that :).

Anyway, happy birthday to Monsieur Shatner then ^^.

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I am most fond of Shatner as Kirk - but I'm a trekkie!

That said, I really like what he did with the role of Denny Crane on Boston Legal. It was a good performance and it really showed his changing skills as he aged as well as the him in a much different role with different dramatic sensibilities.

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