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JP: Ensign Kurt Logan & Lt Rune Jolara - Turn About, Counselling t

Kali Nicholotti

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((USS Excalibur-A, Holodeck 3 ))

:: Feeling the tension suddenly radiating from the Counselor accompanied
by a slight colouring to her cheeks :: oO This didn’t work, she not to
well Oo

Logan:: Stopping his movements and dropping his arms :: Computer. Make a
cushioned chair, suitable size for the counsellor:: Upon the chairs
appearance he motioned towards it :: Ma’am

Jolara: ::nodding slowly:: I am sorry.

Logan:: After the counsellor had sunk into the cushions Kurt sunk to one
knee to be more on her level and so to not loom over her :: Would you
like me to call a Doctor ma’am oO As I may have done combat medicine but
even the holo patients wanted to heal themselves.

:: Rune shook her head. What could the doctors do? Nothing! ::

Jolara: No. A doctor can not help. It is just... ::her mind raced as
fast as her heart:: I am going through something physical and being
close and your scent... I mean... I am sorry. It is not anything you did.

:: She had no idea how to explain it to him in a way that would not
embarrass both of them. ::

Jolara: ::quickly adding:: Not the first impression I wanted to make. I
am so sorry. I was hoping I had more time to figure things out and that
it would not interfere with my duty. I had no idea the effect
non-Al-Leyans would have on me.

Logan oO What am I supposed to say to that ??. She's obviously more
going on than just crew tantrums Oo :: Smiling gently :: It's ok Ma'am,
I apologise for using this program. It’s a good job the Instructor has
been disabled Mrs wynter is a terrible fuss pot and you would have been
plied with copius tea and cushions. :: Smilling broadly he hoped the
image of fending of cushions would relax the counsellor::

:: For the first time, Rune looked directing into his eyes. He was very
attractive. As soon as that crossed her mind, she mentally kicked
herself. She normally did not think of the attractiveness of others.
Would he understand or think she was... she wasn't sure what he would
think she was. But he deserved some sort of explanation. ::

:: She hung her head for a moment, trying to collect her thoughts. When
she looked back up, she smiled but it was a nervous and confused smile. ::

Jolara: Al-Leyans experience what we call 'Season' every 4-5 years in
which they have to mate. I am at least a year early.

Logan oO I’ve heard of the Vulcan Pon farr thingy, its sound similar to
this, but there has to be something else Oo Forgive me Ma’am but how is
that a problem ?

Jolara: It is complicated by the fact it is forbidden we mate with
non-Al-Leyans. ::she laughed nervously:: I guess it should not be a
problem for me since I have broken away from them for other reasons.
::she waved her hand:: Which is a whole other problem. But I am finding
it very difficult to turn my back on everything I have ever been taught.

Logan: I see but could you not go back even for a day to oO how to
phrase this delicately Oo Sort this out. Would an escort because of
these other reasons help ?

:: It was a question she had been asked every time she tried to talk to
someone about this. The very thought struck panic within her. ::

Jolara: ::shaking her head:: I can not go back there. Ever!

:: The tension that had been slowly dissipating from her returned with a
vengeance catching Logan a bit of guard :: oO ok that’s never going to
happen I see not willingly at least oO

Jolara: Our society is very strict. Any deviation from the 'norm'
results in attitude readjustment therapy or worse. I experienced the
worse once before and I lost who I am. I can not let it happen again. If
I go back they will force me to go through it again.

Logan:: Still kneeling Kurt edged closer and gently laid his left hand
on her forearm :: Forgive me Ma’am but I can’t see what you have done
that could be that bad, as you’re wearing a Fleet uniform with rank and
responsibilities associated with it. oO What ever they did has her
terrified her forearm is a knot to tension or is that fear to match her
voice. This attitude adjustment therapy doesn’t sound like anything to
be going through, and worse ? Oo

:: He understood fear well, how to use to it and what it could do to
you. Now Security may be a foreign world but one thing about it he
understood well, and that one thing he was good at ::

Logan:: Gently gripping her arm so the counselor would look up:: There’s
a saying in the Corp that a Marine stands, and it’s not to do with them
not being clever enough to know how to use a chair. oO Good a small
smile Oo It means the Marines don’t give…….period. During the battles
with the Borg a unit was giving protection to a team of Engineers
examining a small Borg craft that had landed on a small planet when they
were attacked by drones. The rescue shuttle couldn’t land to near in
case it too came under fire, so to allow time to get to safety the
marines stayed behind. When they too had suffered casualties one marine
stayed to allow the injured to be evacuated with the others, knowing
what would happen to him he stood his ground.

Jolara: ::tilting her head slight:: I do not understand.

Logan: I’m new to fleet and to this type of duty and especially this
colour, but I do know our responsibility is the protection and safety
all any and all crew with us, that means you’re in that category. So If
..ANYONE.. comes with the intent of force, they’ll have to go through a
Marine that stands. oO This is one thing I do know how to do Oo And I
don’t go down easy oO Ask the Ambassadors about that Oo :: A smirk
played at the corner of his mouth :: And I suspect a good few others in
this crew as well.

:: Why? He hardly knew her. Of course she knew why. He was Starfleet, a
fellow crewmember... family. ::

Jolara: ::smiling:: I appreciate that Ensign.

Logan: I don’t know about your culture Ma’am in regards of turning your
back on things but my mother once said that a custom or practice that
holds you up should be held onto with both hands, one that holds you
down should be left to wither and die. oO What am I doing …what do I
know about counselling someone especially a counsellor I have a problem
I hit it or shoot it Oo All I know is Mathew Flynn.

Jolara: ::puzzled:: Mathew Flynn?

Logan: He grew up near us on my home planet, not really into jumping off
a cliff into a 20ft pool of water :: Smiling at the memory:: He was more
your Science geek.

:: Rune still wasn't sure where this was going, so she just listened. ::

Logan: It was just before I left for earth and Marine training that
Mathew announced and introduced his boyfriend.

Jolara: ::it hit her:: Oh.

Logan: Most of us asked if they were both coming to the party, some were
polite, others were openly against it. His parents threatened to disown
him if he didn’t ..:: Searching for the right word :: Change

Jolara: ::nodding:: I understand too well.

Logan: Mathew agonised his decision for a while oO It was a sad time Oo
Then he came to the only decision he could, he told his parents they had
no say in it and that he was going to live his life his way, there now
both working in the space port back home as civilian contractors and
happy with life. oO Except his parents that still refuse to speak to
him, so they come to ours for home cooked meals Oo Sorry Ma’am I’m no
counsellor, so I probably haven’t helped, that’s just how I see it.

:: Rune took a shallow breath. She wasn't sure what she was feeling at
that moment. Everything was jumbled together. ::

Jolara: Actually that does help some. That is exactly why I can not go
back to Leya-I. It is strictly forbidden to even have feelings such as
that... and I do. That is what makes this all the more complicated. The
first time I went through my Season, I did not have a choice to... ::her
face reddened slightly:: It was not a pleasant experience. I would
rather not but I do not know that there is any other way to get through it.

Logan oO There’s me thinking you had to be enlightened as a race to gain
entry into the federation. What am I supposed to say !!!. She probably
already thinks I’m an idiot with my babbling about marines standing,
protecting her and matthew. Great I can just her entries to my records
Ensign Logan babbling bumbling buffon, hey that almost rhymes. Oo ::
Taking a large breath of air :: oO Borg, Hirogen, Breen fine any day,
but this…giving advice . Oo Ma’am excuse this but I can’t believe there
is no one who doesn’t find you attractive and vice versa, talk to them
and see what happens.

Jolara: I would not even know who to... How could I? Al-Leyans do not
have relationships the same way humans do. We do not... ::trying to find
the right word:: commit in the same way if at all. oOWhich makes things
that much more complicated with Nikki.Oo ::shaking her head:: I am
sorry. I did not mean to... how do humans say it? Spill my guts?

Logan:: Chuckling :: Yes that’s the saying. Ma’am, although my mother
would make us laugh by making us say. I’m terribly sorry to burden you
with these issues that have happened upon my door but I thought you
might be able to help me in shinning a light upon these troubles. It
always made us smile having to say to so a little easier to get our
problems out. :: Another smile …thanks Mum :: Sometime those with the
answers have their own questions. :: He gave her a warm smile :: I’m
Honoured you confided in me especially being the one who turned the
lights of when trying to teach a lady to dance :: Letting a small giggle
escape :: But one thing Ma’am who said anything about Commitment.

Jolara: ::looking puzzled:: Is that not what humans expect?

Logan: When my father first met my mother he would only promise to love
her today and tomorrow. And to this day they hold to that. It’s because
with only those few days to concentrate on they can put their hearts
into making them good days and not looking years ahead.

::Rune thought about that and then nodded.::

Jolara: That does make logical sense.

Logan: For what it’s worth Ma’am find this person and work on today and
tomorrow and see where that road takes you two.

:: Rune smiled. ::

Jolara: Thank you. Hopefully once I get through my season, we can do
just that.

Logan: NO..... :: His answer came out in a short burst, looking directly
at the counselor :: No, never wait. Go now and sort it. How many
chances do you think you'll get in life ??. Besides today is counting
down. Of course that and your season with your needing to mate, it could
well be the perfect time to talk :: He gave the counselor a wink ::

Jolara: This certainly has not gone the way I thought or intended.
Perhaps it would be better to do your official evaluation later.
Although if you have anything you feel you need to talk about, ::smiling
warmly:: it is only fair I listen.

Logan:: Shaking his head :: That seems to be life, Ma'am I've told you
what you need to do so go and find this person, and make today count..
oO I thought this would count as the session Oo Me :: Letting out a
small chuckle :: ....nothing that can't wait Ma'am oO More like where
would I start. But last time I was honest with a counselor all it got me
was trouble and reprimands Oo Do you need or would you like an escort
ma'am, to find this friend :: Smilling at her :: of yours?

Jolara: ::smiling back at him:: I will.


A joint post with great pleasure
Ensign Kurt Logan
Security Officer

With Great patience, Understanding and Ability from ((thank you Mr. Logan))
Lieutenant Rune Jolara
Ship's Counselor
USS Excalibur

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