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I've always thought the tactical uniform to be red. Ops/Sec/Eng are the only ones I thought were gold.

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Well, I've figured out how to do a few things on Adobe, so if anyone would like to have a picture adapted for your character, let me know. I have done the one that is currently posted for my character and one vulcan female that I have not posted yet. I'm not the best at it, but I'm adequate, and I might be able to do a passing picture for you. Anyone else wanna offer, as well? Maybe between several of us, we can get pictures up for a lot of people.

I'm just offering cause I'm nice and cause I like to see pictures of people's characters. Unless there is a lot of really good description on the character, it is hard to picture them, so having a picture is nice. PM me if you want to ask me to do a picture for you. I'll let you know if it is in my scope or not.

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Hi I've done a few photoshop jobs for people in the past...actually I think I've done nearing 30 or so...even did a web site with all of them on...*then prompty forgot the address....he he* anyhow if you need any help then drop me a line on bugbrookemhc@yahoo.co.uk and I'll help if I can.

Ohh the background question is all about surfing the net, finding a person who is in the background you like and cut and paste...or alter to make it look like your character.

If you want nebula, planets and that sort of thing Startrek Austrailia is a very cool site.

Anyhow see ya



Ens Saxo

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