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Anomaly scrubs joint mission

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LUXIS III, DURONIS SYSTEM — A joint mission between the USS Victory and USS Thunder-A has been interrupted by an anomaly, which has heavily damaged the Victory.

Two ships fresh off classified missions, the USS Thunder-A (NCC-70605-A) and the USS Victory (NCC-362447), joined together to celebrate the promotions of Commander Nugra to Captain, and Fleet Captain Toni Turner to Rear Admiral. Also in attendance were numerous members of Starfleet brass, including including Rear Admiral Andrus Jaxx.

The proceedings went off without a hitch, although during the dance afterwards, Colonel Tyr Waltas broke off his engagement with Marine Captain Hella in an embarrassing manner before exiting. She soon also left with other members of both the Thunder and Victory crews leaving to console both parties.

The next morning, it was back to work for the newly minted Rear Admiral and Captain, as they were tasked with investigating strange energy readings emanating from a moon in the Duronis Sector. To that end, several personnel were transferred from each vessel to the other.

Going to the Victory were First Officer Lieutenant Commander Hannibal Parker, Lieutenant Commander Irina Pavlova, Lieutenant Junior Grade Aurora James, and Lieutenant Commander Brayden Jorey. After some initial “teething” problems, most notably Hannibal Parker’s reluctance to surrender his personal weapons to the the Victory’s armory, the joint mission began, with Parker leading the mission to find the strange signals on the moon’s surface, while the other team assisted the Laudeans who had a facility on it.

The teams beamed down in the midst of a raging storm, and just as they were beginning to survey the area, high above them, disaster struck.

The Victory, still damaged from its previous mission, was rocked by a subspace wave, which rendered the ship completely without power and in danger of falling into the atmosphere. Quick work by the crew of the Thunder and the Raven, a ship owned by Ensign Jaxon Mc Ghee, stabilized the Victory in time for the ship not to be lost. Also, several crew members were recalled by Starfleet to man two new vessels, which were being rushed into service.

Both teams had to be evacuated by the Thunder’s yacht due to the transporters being down.

With the crews now back on their respective ships, arrangements were made with Starfleet to tow the Victory to to a starbase where she awaits an uncertain fate.

“The Victory is in a hell of a fix,” said Crewman Sam Yeager of the Thunder. “A ship that badly wrecked might not see space again, but I wish ‘em luck.”

Meanwhile, the origin of the wave, according to Starfleet Intelligence, originated from a place called Prometheus Station, in the Dran’tis Sector. Speculation was the once-classified station had an experiment get away from them, and a fleet wide alert was issued.

Several starships were missing, and subspace communication in the area was impossible. More importantly, no one could approach the station due to all the effects of the subspace waves. The Thunder was now back on her way to Duronis for a well deserved shore leave, and awaiting further orders from Starfleet.

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