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Sabrina Holly

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(( Classified Location, Alien Planet ))

::Ladon ran his hand over his body, still feeling the strangeness of his
skin. Dressed and surgically modified to look like an Orion male, he still
felt doubt that he could complete his current assignment. It had been
months since he had been able to interact with his fathers back home, or
his friends at the starbase.::

oO For the good of the Federation... Oo

::It was almost a mantra. Something that kept him going from day to day.
Sitting in his squalid location, he had to keep his allegiances hidden, and
he true motives close to home.::

Ethne: ::Under his breath.:: One day at a time...

::Sitting down against a wall, Ladon took the opportunity to learn about
what was happening in the Federation. News articles were still being
delivered to his PADD, but he had to ensure that he read them in private.
Looking down at the screen, his eyes grew wide in horror.::

Ethne: This... no...

::Reading the line over and over again, he couldn't help but try to make
some sense out of it. Unfortunately, he had to come to terms with what was
clearly not modified.::

oO Lieutenant Guinevere Gardener... Deceased.... Oo

::He slammed the PADD against the floor, feeling the shock of it breaking.
Tears had begun to stream down his face as he resisted the urge to start
crying uncontrollably. Years at the Academy taught him many things,
lessons on tactics, knowledge of scenarios of what to expect, but nothing
could ever prepare an officer for the death of a good friend.::

oO She... was too young... Oo

::His mind flashed to the last time that he was with her, that he had seen
her. The conversations that they had, the people they had interacted
with. All of it was gone, completely gone now. Her death was meaningless
and just... just senseless.::

Ethne: ::Choking back tears.:: I will never...

::He thought upon his mission. The very mission that kept him away from
his friends and family. Some of which he would now never see again. It
caused a fire to burn in his heart, a conflagration of rage and despair.::

oO I will never forget you Gwen... Oo

::Getting up, he headed towards the outside. He needed to look outside
towards the stars.::

oO May the stars watch upon you for eternity good friend... Oo


Ensign Ladon Ethne
Unknown Location

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