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Tragedy on the USS Atlantis!

Sabrina Holly

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Tragedy on the USS Atlantis

By Ens. Sabrina Holly

Stardate 239203.12

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PIKTAR SYSTEM The chief engineer of the USS Atlantis has been killed during a critical mission after an explosion aboard the vessel.

The crew of the USS Atlantis has suffered a major setback during their mission to Bravo Outpost responding to the Prometheus crisis. They had sent an away team down to the outpost to deliver biological samples to the scientists and left the rest of the crew on the ship to aid a diplomatic emissary of the Jenataris Cloud Dancers.

The Atlantis had been experiencing a series of tremors, the most severe of which injured a young ensign, however, one of the smaller tremors that was less severe, shorted out and exploded an engineering console, killing the Atlantis's chief engineer, Lt. Guinevere Gardener.

More commonly known to her friends as Gwen, she was a person who touched the lives of many, and she will be greatly missed as well as leave the Atlantis critically short handed as it investigates the Bravo Outpost.

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