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Number One Number One


Number One Number One  

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  1. 1. First Officer You Trust the Most in a Volatile Situation

    • Mr. Spock
    • Commander Riker
    • Major Kira
    • Commander Chakotay
    • T'Pol

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Welcome to the Poll of the Week!

You've been assigned to an away team and you are to transport into a volatile situation. Your life is depending upon the decisions that will be made by your away team leader, that is your ship's First Officer. One wrong decision and you could all die at a moment's notice. Of the five First Officers we have all grown to know of on television, who would you trust the most in such a situation to get you out of such a situation alive?

Would it be Mr. Spock or Commander Riker? Or would you trust Major Kira? Or maybe the former Maquis team leader Commander Chakotay? Or maybe you'd prefer T'Pol to lead you and bring you out of a bad situation alive. So, as always, we here at Poll of the Week are interested in your choices and thoughts on the matter. So vote away!

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Despite McCoy' fears to the contrary Spock's decisions never were just coldly logical. He always acted in the best interests of the crew. Combine that with superior strength and intelligence and one has the ideal officer.

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Spock the clear choice. Rikar probably second. Kira would probably cause more problems with her combative nature.

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these choices are so telling about peoples trek experience... :o

I agree maybe... not

Commander Chakotay: is number one because he would go against the captain when they are wrong... flat out wrong. --- or wrong until proven right...

Spoke does not question Jim,, only pon farr was there some kind of disorderly conduct and that was ,,, welll kinda unnecessary... IMO

Rikar is a captain.. as he should be,, but was the perfect FO that was his fault..

Kira is where I need to research more.. lots more.. I will with netflix :) What is this parallel universe thing? or is that universe perpendicular ??

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