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Federation Currency

Ayiana Sevo

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So, my question is pretty straightforward. What do you guys think the Federation uses as currency/money, if any? I know Gene Roddenberry has emphatically said "no money in the future," however, some producers such as Ronald D. Moore disagreed and have tried to vaguely imply that there is some form of currency and economy in the Federation, or at least on Earth.

There are numerous examples of characters using or mentioning money in some fashion on this page:


I'm kind of leaning towards the Star Trek: Online route - where people have "Energy Credits." This would be a numerical value representing the amount of energy needed to replicate an object, modified by some number or formula calculating supply and demand. I doubt Latinum would have penetrated deeply into the Federation or on Earth as much as it did on the fringes like on Deep Space 9.


The Victory is being hauled in for a major refit, and the crew is getting a few weeks of shore leave. I want my characters to tour Earth!

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