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MSNPC Alstred - Dreams

Sedrin Belasi

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((StarBase 118 - Security detention center))
Taree: Rhiaandrus…. thank you.

:: The girl stared into the his eyes and suddenly the world of pain went away. His mind went back to his homeworld. His homeworld before it was torn apart by riot and radiation and war. His homeworld where they used to sit under the cokaberry trees after all the chores were done, eating the berries until their tongues and lips were stained a deep purple. His sister Vorna would keep the pits of the biggest cokaberries and carve them into tiny tops. It was always a game to see which one would spin the longest.::

Alstred: Thank you. ::he murmured back, his gaze was a million miles away::

Taree: Bye bye.
Alstred: Jolan tru ::Murmured dreamily::
::He looked around, gazing into the eyes of his sister. She looked older, and somewhat confused to be sitting under the [...]aberry trees::
Vorna: Rhansu! Where are we?
Alstred: Rhiaandrus. ::he smiled, looking around:: oO We're back home on Rhiaandrus.Oo
Vorna: This is my favorite tree. ::She smiled, looking upwards:: I thought it burned down.
Alstred: oO It will never burn down again. We can stay here forever.Oo
Vorna: I'd like that. ::She moved over to him, snuggling up by his side:: This place is beautiful. I love the springtime blooms, but late summer is the best.
Alstred: ::Repeated, dream-like, softer:: Rhiaandrus... ::He closed his eyes looking ever so peaceful, daydreaming - or perhaps napping::
Vorna: ::Playfully:: I thought you never liked it here. You were the one who always wanted to head out and see the galaxy. Go somewhere bigger like Voralis Beta or Romais VII.
Alstred: oO I never knew what I loved until it was gone. Oo
Vorna: ::She lay a comforting hand on his cheek:: Well, I'm not gone anymore. We can stay here for as long as you like.
Alstred: ::plaintive:: Forever?
Vorna: ::Smiling:: Forever.
Alstred: oO What about the voices I hear? Oo
Vorna: ::Soothing, she brushed his hair back away from his face:: You've just been through trauma. Your mind is playing tricks on you. The voices will go away soon enough.
Alstred: oO Good. I don't like them. I want to stay here with you. Oo
Vorna: ::Smiling:: Then stay here with me. ::She drew him into her arms and hugged him warmly:: I'd like that.
Alstred: I'd like that, too.
Vorna: ::She reached up, plucking a cokaberry from the tree:: Are you hungry, would you like a berry?
Alstred: ::ponderous:: oO Maybe later. I'm not very hungry. But I'm tired. I'm so tired. Oo
Vorna: ::She patted the ground next to her:: Then come and lay down for a little bit. You've been through so much. A nap would do you good.
Alstred: So tired. ::he slowly ambled off his chair and lay down on the ground, a faint smile growing across his features::
Vorna: ::Stroking his shoulder with sisterly affection:: I missed you so much, Rhiandrus.
Alstred: I missed you too... ::He smiled as he closed his eyes.::
MSNPC Ry'Van Alstred
Terrorist and Prisoner
Simmed by: Sal Taybrim
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