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Unrest continues on Inox as citizens demand reform

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Unrest continues on Inox as citizens demand reform

By Reza Kardgar

Stardate 239203.03

Martial law has been declared in Grand Karra City, the capital of Inox.

INOX SYSTEM — Demonstrations have continued on the non-aligned planet Inox, with anger at the government at an all-time high after a prominent official was cleared of corruption charges last month.

Four weeks after Commissioner Ureshn Kilas was cleared of allegations that he had tampered with last year's parliamentary elections, protesters show no signs of backing down as they clashed with security forces.

"We will not have our voices silenced," said Beja Nyuanin, a former professor at Grand Karra University who has since become one of the most prominent leaders among the demonstrators. "The people demand justice! They demand a government looking out for Inox instead of their own coffers."

Nyuanin cites the government's failure to secure stronger ties with other trading partners besides the Federation, which has led to rampant unemployment in the wake of the Federation Transport Union strike. The nearest major power to Inox is the Tholian Assembly, but the infamously xenophobic species has so far kept minimal contact with Inox.

Still, numerous other minor systems lie in reach of Inox's shipping lanes, but the Federation itself refuses trade with several of these systems in protest of practices such as child labor and outright slavery that remain common. Given Inox's dependence on Federation trade, the planetary government has been reluctant to upset its major economic partner by pursuing new business relations with these systems.

"They are nothing but lap dogs of the Federation, sick with corruption," said protester Tesin Muri about the planetary government. "And like diseased animals, they must be destroyed."

The Inoxan government has assured both the populace and foreigners that the demonstrations are under control, but as outbreaks of violence continue across the planet, martial law has been declared in several cities including the capital of Grand Karra City. The Federation Diplomatic Corps has issued a travel warning, advising all Federation citizens to exercise caution if visiting the planet and to consider postponing non-essential travel.

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